Join artists and muralists around the globe to drive social impact through coordinated pop-up expressions and initiatives that send through messages and inspirations to the streets.

Part workshop, part think-tank incubator, and pure purpose. Contributors play with big ideas while collaborating on innovations and solutions that help evolve more cooperative and sustainable paradigms of living.

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Hemp: The Miracle Crop

Feature documentary sharing the story of the wonder-full plant hemp, from it being an ‘all industries in one’ solution with 55,000 uses and applications, to its wild history, and how we can utilize it to cultivate a healthy and secure global culture.

Omega Series

An epic multi-media series that chronicles the paradigm-shifting social movement of an autistic child who uses his hidden psychic abilities to recruit some of the greatest masterminds on the planet to change the world for the better, prevailing through deep-rooted resistances along the way. Interwoven into this 160 year universe of content are some unforgettable characters, revelations, and reflections about ourselves, the world stage, society, science, spirituality, and forward leaps into what’s possible for humanity.



We ask: What does the future look like, and how do we get there now? Indeed, the future is bright!