When we feel good inside individually, we walk out door feeling better, making better decisions, and thus attracting better circumstances for ourselves. Collective external conditions naturally improve. In this state of good-feeling human consciousness, the world around us begins to equalize into a better place. Because everything starts within, human empowerment roots all of our content, programming, messaging, and work.


We are living on a naturally abundant, resource-lush planet at a time when technology allows us to connect and communicate instantly. This presents exceptionally exciting opportunities to share, collaborate, and collectively problem-solve and resource share like never before. The possibilities of what can be achieved by crowdsourcing solutions and innovations for the benefit of people and the planet is what stokes our fire.


We exist to uplift internal and external conditions of humanity via content, collaborations, programs, models, experiences, and community to inspire:

-Social Action

Our culture content and omnimedia expressions are embedded with opportunities for readers to engage or become more involved with the subject or cause when their emotional impulse to connect is highest.

-Diverse Giving

Our Impact Amplification program connects individuals, companies, funds, groups, and organizations to more ways to get creative with the resources they have. Think of it as a matchmaking concierge-type service that helps find and facilitate more ways to give, and more aligned opportunities to give to.

-CoCreative Collaboration

Behind the scenes, we produce initiatives and unite people, companies, groups, and other organizations who wish to share ideas, connections, and resources. Our digital hub helps to centralize and crowdsource cooperative solution craft and diverse resource exchange. Learn more about the upcoming digital community, where you can inquire about becoming a beta user as an individual, business, organization, fund, foundation, institution, or even governing body.

We love hearing from others! Reach out below for any inquiries, inspired ideas, or connections.