Nourishing sips, bites, and ENRICHMENTS

CoCre Cafes land on the ground to feed a healthy local collective culture through experiential hubs for empowerment, inspired co-creation, and collective action.

CoCreative community cafes for arts, culture, and wellbeing.

CoCre Cafes are missioned to provide fun and uplifting local hubs for nourishment, empowerment, and collective action. Locations feature local produce and select imports with story, goods that give, and guides/hosts for events such as workshops, cooking classes, guided discussions, wellness programming, group meetups, solution circles, entrepreneurial incubators, live music, co-creative jams, solution dinners, and so much more! While individual locations weave in elements that honor and are unique to each’s environment, all cafes run similar core offerings that carry through the vibes. All of CoCre’s content and initiatives can play out in the cafes, and locations orchestrate together to share recipes,  editorial themes, programming, content, and guides/hosts.

Fresh, Clean, Local Food
Specialty Beverages
Ingredients with Story
Goods that Give
Arts, Craft & Wellbeing
Experiential Programming
Shared Culture/Folklore
Sunday Family Dinners
Gatherings & Conversations
Co-Creative/Collaborative Energy
Self & Community Empowerment 


Now Open
Wednesdays – Sundays 
8am – 7pm

Our northwest Garden State location is perched within rolling farmlands, set on a field featuring panoramic sunset views to inspire a wide open perspective. With bright large windows, high ceilings, and an open chef’s kitchen, the cafe extends a homelike feel out into the community. Come spring and summer, we open our lawn to events, markets, live music, wellness classes, and other community workshops.

Plant based ingredients, homemade with love.


Fall 2023

CoCre Cafe holds down a corner of the upcoming RH Smith Mercantile building in the heart of the downtown district of this Delaware River-side mountaintop town. This matriarch space will host community, house artist and maker studios, showrooms, events, workshops, and co-working, as well as a marketplace for local goods. The surrounding region inspires an outdoor adventure lifestyle while being connected to NYC by train.

Cafes are ran collectively with local entrepreneurial partners. Cafes in the pipeline include:

AshEville, NC
Athens, Greece
Austin, TX
Boulder, CO
Brooklyn, NY
Detroit, MI
Doha, Qatar
East Stroudsburg, PA
London, England
Kingston, NY
Manhattan, NY
Melbourne, FL
Miami, FL
New Hope, PA
San Francisco, CA
Venice Beach, CA
Vernon, NJ

For information on CoCre Cafes and Related opportunities, please reach out here.