Change Your Thoughts, Change Your Life

Do you ever notice how some people seem to glide through life? Not only do good things seem to always happen to them, but surrounding them is a light and positive aura that makes their company a pleasure. Have you ever noticed others, those who can never seem to catch a break? Bad things and bad people seem to follow them around, constantly messing up their chances of success and happiness. Perhaps you are one of either of these people, or somewhere in between. It’s hard to realize that this positive or negative energy has anything to do with you or anything that you can control because these things happen to you, but it does. 

Every step we take, every reaction we cultivate, every mood that we feel first starts in our minds. It appears that becoming the person that you want to be is as simple as focusing on the power of your thoughts.

“Change the way you think, change the way you act, think and feel, that’s your personality. It’s your personal reality,”

If negative emotions are known to weaken the immune system, then imagine the effects that positive ones can have on your body. Think about this: when a stressful moment occurs, you may experience pain, tension, you might start to sweat and become hyper aroused. Nothing has entered your body to make you feel this way, it’s a fight or flight chemical reaction based purely on your thoughts. The way that you think then determines how you act, consciously and unconsciously. 

Just as the food that we eat affects our body, so do the thoughts that run through our minds. Like a radar, all matter, including our own bodies, emits energy and it’s the thoughts that we think that quickly become the energy that we attract. We all have our moments of negative thinking, some more than others. It’s when we succumb to them too often that they cause actions and reactions that build off one another and start to form patterns of negativity in the mind. Fortunately, there are powerful tools you can use to reprogram your thoughts to achieve the goals that you desire, heal the body of illness, rid it of fear, and open yourself up to loving others. 

Photo BY Marcel Kessler

We can start by working within how life works. Emanating from all matter is an invisible field of frequency called the quantum level. At this level, mind and matter are intimately connected.Through this lense, Dispenza tells us that science becomes the language of mysticism. When we can disassociate from everything material, even linear time itself, we become pure consciousness and can exert greater effects on the nature of our reality.

Dispenza tells us that the brain is the artifact of the past and etched on it is everything we’ve ever thought and felt. Thoughts of unworthiness and frustration become the vocabulary of the brain and creates your state of being. If you feel like a failure then you think you are. Those thoughts and feelings run on a loop that feed your reality, firing and wiring those same circuits over and over and keeping us connected to the past. 

The only way to break the cycle of negative thoughts and to create your better self is to become conscious of the way you speak, act, and most importantly, the thoughts that you tell yourself. Discover the emotions that keep you anchored to the past and sit with them. Ask yourself what kind of person that you want to be and fire off those thoughts. Rehearsing who you want to be will rewire those circuits of the past to create a vision of reality for the future. 

This intense focus is not a new concept. Methods from meditation to law of attraction vessels such as The Secret and Abraham Hicks all utilize this visualization technique to alter your thoughts. Reframing is a part of this journey. It involves living with gratitude by counting your blessings and turning an unfortunate circumstance into an opportunity for growth. We are not responsible for the things that happen in the world, but we are responsible for the way that we respond to them. 

If we want peace it begins within. Change is hard, but we cannot wait for it, it comes from within. By concentrating on positivity, you will not only lift your mood but alter your quantum field and reorganize your biology by releasing tension, stress and negativity that becomes trapped in the body.

Make a decision to change your life with such a firm intention that this energy takes over, visualize, take the steps, and let us know what happens!

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