Going In: Co-Creating a Greater World From Within

When we want a better world, we know it starts within each of us. Going In provides an all-inclusive light-hearted approached to the deep and vast work of self-development. Consider it your merry tour guide through a gentle, explorative, and expedited journey to clarity, healing, insight, and empowerment on one's life path. The self-paced course offers diverse methods, wisdom, practices, multimedia resources, and future workbook-style exercises that help people feel greater in mind, body, spirit/vitality, and within society. Created to work solo, and also includes exercises if Going In with others for support/momentum, such as friends, family, or groups.
CoCre · November 2, 2021

While it is always important to work at your own inspired pace, we encourage you to join with friends or in groups, and take advantage of the CoCre community support available around Going In.

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00: Groundwork
01: Explore Truths
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02: Transcend Illusions
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CoCre is a multimedia production and culture impact agency co-creating craft evolutionary content and community initiatives towards a greater world. Soon we launch a niche social network where people and organizations co-create solutions, innovations, and social movements towards greater world ideas.

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