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Think Like a Genius: What Would Leonardo da Vinci Do With Today?

Romantic Platonic: An Exploration of Intimacy in Friendship Through Poetry

In India, Thrift Culture is Only Now Gaining Momentum. We Interview One of the Leaders of the Pack.

Decentralized Organization Food Not Bombs Has Been Labeled One of America’s Most Hardcore Terrorist Groups – For Feeding People

Why Do We Have So Much Stuff? Unpacking Materialism, Spirituality, and Cardboard Boxes

The New World Order is Whatever We Make It

1300 Elder Oak Trees Are Being Taken for Notre Dame’s New Tower. Let’s Stop This. And What Sign of Unity Could Be In Its Place?

NAMI Started Around a Kitchen Table and is Now the Largest Grassroots Mental Health Organization in the US

“Love is the recognition of oneness in the world of duality.” -Eckhart Tolle

Are you a victim, survivor or thriver? Marion Valenza explains how mindset alters your life

Benjamin Franklin Credited These 13 Fundamental Virtues to a Successful Life

Watch UK’s Kingdom Choir Surprise Passengers with a Joyful Mid-Flight Rendition of “Stand By Me”

“Plentitude, Not Scarcity” and the Rules of the New Economy, via Kevin Kelly

ThunderVoice Eagle Reinterprets Cult Art and Handcrafts Heritage Hats

Preemptive Love Provides Front Line Relief to Families in War-Torn Areas, While Empowering Refugee Entrepreneurs

Before There Was Greta, There Was “The Girl Who Silenced the World for Five Minutes” (Video)

LifeBank Helps Secure and Deliver Lifesaving Medical Products Across Africa

The Art of Reflecting Society, Courtesy of Banksy

The White Hawk Foundation in Costa Rica Protects One of Earth’s Most Biodiverse Rainforests

Square Roots’ Shipping Container Gardens Transforms City Dwellers Into Urban Farming Entrepreneurs

The Overview Effect and Other Musings on Earth and Humanity, According to Space Travelers


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