The intention of our Impact Funds is to balance and empower, with a mission to move resources to where they are needed as swiftly and seamlessly as possible.

With the goal of facilitating solutions, and for the healthy culture of the markets, we drive assets into a state of play, with a focus on moving with great purpose. Motives such as these tend to result in unparalleled dimensions of appreciation for all involved.

Within the exchange, we like to keep business as clear and simple as possible. Our approach:

Feel Good: In working with CoCre and its founding core team, you are working amongst those who are heartfelt, dedicated, balanced, committed, smart, savvy, capable, and playful in the energy of joyful abundance for all.

100% Transparency: Upon activation of each fund, all progress and transactional reports will be publicly published each month on the full moon.

Holistic Integrity: Funds are nurtured both mindfully and heartfully, ensuring a wholesome balance between Earth, humanity, and economy. With this, our goal is for investors to receive back fun experiences of impact while gaining healthy and robust returns.

Cooperative Partnerships: We work quickly through diverse cooperative partnerships of organizations and individuals, often some of the brightest in their fields and practices.

Omnicurrency Enabled: We value and transact traditional and bloc-backed currencies, and are open to alternative resources and trusts.

$1B Raise

For swift action. To open, we are organizing five funds of $200m each to brace and propel efforts. These are:

Native Empowerment 

Immediate solutions to reservations include clean water, mind/body healthcare, and empowerment programming. Focus would also include reconnecting native land to its people, including initiatives in Africa and America, which include acquiring farmland and distributions sites of natural occurring resources. One project includes shifting farming and mines in Africa into the empowered hands of locals. Another project involves the symbiotic reintegration of native people and their principals in restoring America’s farmlands, agriculture, and food systems. In divine timing, New Mexico’s Deb Haaland just became the first Native American Cabinet member in 245 years of the institutions of America operating on its land. Her role as Secretary of Interior will include overseeing land usage, waterways, and resources. 

Urban Empowerment

Immediate solutions would include integrating community centers and empowerment programs, food systems, as well as mind/body healthcare, and entrepreneurial training to help stabilize urban main streets, storefronts, and existing commercial properties. Our focus is on creating successful cooperative models in cities that could inspire models elsewhere. 

Action Units

To address immediate concerns of the most vulnerable conditions in the most impoverished and underserved global communities. With the intention of creating humanitarian models that could be utilized and evolved in other areas. This includes the on-the-ground efforts, logistics, teams, and technology that bring solutions to reality. 

Arts & Culture

Our focus is on programs and supporting the community of artists and creators. The value of their work lives eternally. At the moment, quality content with empowering messaging is in high demand. CoCre’s Arts fund supports collaboration efforts of global artists in co-creating media content that includes all-age features, shorts, series, documentaries, music projects, experiential events, street arts, podcasts, and social media campaigns. Partnerships in play result in deals with distribution channels and mainstream outlets to ensure audience and ROI. Additionally, content created under Arts cover media programming for youth, education sector, and community center empowerment. Furthermore, we aim to collaborate with museums on new medium experiences to elevate new world value in the arts, and in ensuring cooperation with existing institutions.  

Band of Land 

This fund develops a living model of an eco-conscious, future-forward integration into the traditional. Band of Land encompasses a stretch of territory of quaint small towns, farm lands, and outdoor-activity resorts all within 80 miles of one of the world’s most powerful cities. Alliances are made in nine town/townships, and growing.