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Energies of Life

CoCre November 3, 2021

“Everything in this world, from sunlight to cupcakes, is made of energy. Energy is simply information that vibrates or moves. Some energy, such as the energy composing a table or a chair, moves slowly. You can see, touch, discuss, and prove the existence of these slow-energy objects. But most of the energy in this world can’t be seen, heard, or touched through our typical five senses. It moves so fast that we can’t perceive it; usually, we can notice only its effects. Is the energy transmitted by your car radio any less real than the energy that makes up the book on your coffee table? How about the microwaves that zap your food or the satellite transmissions that zip e-mails your way? You know these energies exist, even though you can’t see them, yet they are vital to your life. Trillions upon trillions of bits of energetic data are zinging around us 24/7, and our energetic boundaries, themselves composed of fast moving, unseen energy, keep us from being overwhelmed by them all. Energy also composes our feelings, thoughts, and needs, as well as our inherent beliefs and spiritual essence.” -Cyndi Dale

In physical form, we are not truly solid beings. We are the composition of trillions of spinning cells that are constantly alive and constantly renewing themselves through a momentous, life-ward spiral of energy. The image above, the coil of sacred geometry, often called the golden or fibonacci spiral, represents orderly, raw, expansive life-force. You can find this blueprint pattern all throughout nature, such as the spiral of a galaxy, in the fetal curl we grow from, or in a snail’s shell, a seashell, or our earlobes.

Around the world, this intelligence, or life-ward energy, is referred to by different labels and understandings: sacred geometry, life force, chi, prana, God, universe, higher self, higher power, source, a divine entity, or, perhaps, a nothingness – depending on perspective. We delve more into this ancient topic under Aether in the Working With the Elements segment coming up next.

Under the universal law of attraction, and statements like “your thoughts create your reality” and “what you think shall be”. The effects of your thoughts and decisions create living proof that you are the writer, conductor and conscious creator of every moment of your existence. It is a powerful truth that sometimes we shy from, because once you are aware it becomes a responsibility to manifest deliberately instead of mindlessly, and to do things like pulling yourself out of a funk and seeing the roots of your dis-eases and disharmony.

How we feel as we rise up and go out each day into the world determines our direct reality, as it attracts the present and future. This makes your most important responsibility as a human being keeping yourself in a healthy energetic alignment, which is the reason we created this course. As players in this game of life, we are each in our own individual body, projecting our own unique force to co-create an existence made up of collective beliefs and actions. Everything comes together around your thoughts, emotions, attitudes, decisions, opportunities, “coincidences” and synergies. Everything follows in energetic alignment, or flow. One way to harness this power is to take more care in your thoughts, feelings and words you speak.

“Every time we have a thought we make a chemical. If we have good, elevated thoughts or happy thoughts we make chemicals that make us feel good or happy. And if we have negative thoughts or bad thoughts or insecure thoughts we make chemicals that make us feel exactly the way we are thinking. So every chemical that is released in the brain is literally a message that feeds the physical body. Now the body begins to feel the way we are thinking.” -Joe Dispenza

If worry, stress and anxiety are your thing, this usually comes from having a disconnection somewhere in your core and in your trust that things are always trying to work themselves out for your greatest good. You may also find yourself projecting worry and running worst-case scenario storylines through your mind as a habitual catalyst for action, or as a form of protection. Be aware of these patterns, as it only takes a few seconds before a thought can catch fire and gain momentum on its way to becoming physical reality – positive or negative. You must learn to catch and flip harmful projections, storylines and what-if’s before they have a chance to manifest.

“Worrying is using your imagination to create something you don’t want.” -Abraham Hicks


Other anxiety imbalances come from living/doing/acting/speaking things that do not ultimately resonate as true in your being or on your path. Only you have the power to bring yourself back on track. You can help ease anxiety by taking control of your breathing (next section) and practice standing firm in your trust in an eternal knowing that things are always trying to work themselves out for your best interest. Sometimes you just need stand aside, get out of your own way, and let them! Always remember: “And this too shall pass.”

“If the problem can be solved why worry? If the problem cannot be solved, worrying will do you no good.” -Shantideva

Taking accountability for our lives often means we take ourselves securely into our hands, and commit to our best life by clearing through to the roots, bettering our daily decisions, looking within to ask questions and making often uncomfortable changes. Our human responsibility is to be mindful of our impact, of our subconscious patterns and habits, our life balance, our positivity and negativity, and our actions and reactions. Through our understanding and awareness we can develop strong practices, manifest greater, and coexist in a healthy cycle of giving and living consciously in our evolving world. In this understanding, we can also digest laws of attraction more easily. We see how positive thoughts and feelings exist at higher vibrations, and will always feed an upward vortex of positive outcomes, while negative thoughts and feelings exist at lower vibrations and will always create a downward spiral to negative outcomes.

“Negativity can only affect you if you’re on the same frequency as it. Vibrate higher.” Angel Vehub

Throughout this course you will work through the root issues of your positive and negative influences. In the meantime, you can start to practice bringing more awareness to how positively or negatively you are thinking or feeling in any given moment or scenario, and observe the spiral effect of momentum it creates. You can practice reaching for higher thoughts and feelings, even when you might want to recoil in feeling heavier and worse in that moment, which can become a funky comfort zone when feeling down.