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Going In: Co-Creating a Greater World From Within

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Freedom, Dependence & Interdependence

CoCre November 3, 2021

The separation of freedom and dependence is an illusion. We are interdependently free. As creators of our own reality, we are mostly free in our beings, in our decisions and actions, yet we are interwoven within social structures and multiple communities on a planet of billions of beings sharing space. We are coming together and working together quicker than ever, and we have to become okay with our union. Each generation is becoming more compassionate, and less about labels and borders. Cooperation and kindness is rooted in plain common sense and human decency.

As community beings, and in modern society, we are dependent on each other. Much like influence, dependance is inevitable, and begins with our completely helpless state in the womb and as children. We depend on our parents and home units during our younger years, then we go off and become dependent on the educational institutions, which often lack in real-life skills. From school, most of us move on to become dependent on employers, clients or others to give us monetary security, dependent on family or lovers to help us feel loved, appreciated and accepted, and dependent on experiences, inspiration or stimulants to make us feel more alive. We are consistently dependent.

When freedom is desired so greatly, it is mostly a cry for relief from life conditions that are making us feel trapped. It may be sparked from the frustration of a direction or calling that you may keep missing or not acting on. Can you see this in you?

Can you see through to the roots of any dependency issues? By breaking down where our feelings come from, we can establish a healthy balance of feeling free and acknowledging our dependence. Interdependence is the key, the graceful dance of humanity, and the ways of a healthy world.

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