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Going In: Co-Creating a Greater World From Within

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CoCre November 3, 2021

The more clear and trusting you become, the more you strengthen your connection to your intuition, your inner guide. Jennifer Grace calls it your “inner YAK” – you always know.

Whether you receive this as an instinctive jolt of information, an “a-ha” moment, or a feeling/vision, this is usually insight into the next step or an answer towards your path of greatest good. If left unheard, it starts hitting you as an intuitive impulse that typically hits in your solar plexus at the base of your ribcage, like anxiety. Then perhaps showing up in your physical world. Sometimes we might not want to hear the wisdom of our intuition, perhaps because of a resistance to the effort, change and potentials involved. Usually, if you have to ask…

As you strengthen your intuition, things will just come to you easier, and you will seek for less answers. It will just become a more natural impulse of internal communication. You can work with your internal guidance system to quiet your mind enough to receive.

Remember, your life intelligence/intuition is lifeward, and is your direct source energy guidance. You will have smooth sailing if you go with your gut and are open to riding with the currents of life. Today, with all the noise of culture, it is more important than ever that you can hear your own authentic voice, and to make moves from there. Alignment is living in cooperation with your true inner voice.

Tips to Strengthen Your Intuition:

  1. Tune into your body. When you have decisions to make, or if feelings come up for you in scenarios or situations, pay them attention. Especially the ones that come on as feeling tight, clenched, restrictive and as alerts.
  2. Take more gaps to quiet your mind, where you can meditate or be silent and non-reactive to any thoughts that pass. When you can just be.
  3. Take inspired action. When you receive a glimpse of something that feels good – whatever the action – take it, move towards it. Have an idea on somewhere to go, something to start, someone to call? Make the moves as closed to the inspired spark or sign as possible. Keep the flow moving. Keep an intuition journal if it helps you realize more.
  4. Remember back to specific memories where your instinct proved essential. How did it come to do? Did you listen to it? What was the end-result?
  5. Be playful. Exercise your intuition in the moment by being in the moment. Try going through the day without any plans or turn off your GPS and experiment with letting your intuition guide you around.