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Essentials of Self Care

CoCre November 3, 2021

“Put yourself at the top of your to-do list every single day and the rest will fall into place.” -Unknown

When we feel good inside, we radiate it out into the world through our presence, actions and attractions. Our moods determine our decisions, determine our actions, determine our outcomes.

This makes it imperative that you wake up and go about your day, every day, as intentionally wonderful as possible. It is your choice to level up through emotions, annoyances and circumstances, which at this point you may define more wisely as guidance or lessons. Making better decisions is self-care. So is really feeling through your emotions and desires. Acknowledging your journey is self-care, as is doing this course.

“An empty lantern provides no light. Self-care is the fuel that allows your light to shine brightly.” -Unknown

Self care is not selfish. On the contrary, it is one of the most beneficial practices you can do to play your role in humanity. You beauty is the light or purity of spirit that radiates from within. We express our true beauty and are more authentically ourselves in moments of delight, purpose, joy or discovery.

“Self-care is how you take your power back.”-Lalah Delia

Give Back to You
Your core physical, mental and spiritual are constantly at work, conspiring towards your best interest. Self-care is allowing the flow to return to you so you can be on the receiving end of the flow. Give back to your hardworking self. Taking this course is an acts of self-care. More tips:

Give yourself space to feel. Give yourself the okay to move through emotions, feelings and new visions. Gift yourself moments to be alone, to tune-out, and to silent your mind and projections. Space out. Receive. Dream. Let yourself express your expansive desire for more in life.

Work on your worth. If you are still feeling any sort of unworthiness at this point, seek out what still needs to be revealed or healed, and nourish the areas or topics that feel like open wounds. Incubate and empower yourself back to knowing that this is your life to live fully, and it is what you make it. Be gentle.

Pamper yourself with luxuries where you can: An extra hot shower, a good bath, sleeping in, getting a massage, wear fabric that feels nice. Bring your body on adventures. Dance, play, ride a bicycle. Walk, anywhere. Bring yourself places. These are stimulants that make you feel more “in” your body. Become deeper with your body through breath work, yoga or even feeling out your hardworking body by giving yourself a little massage. Feel into all the nooks and crannies and lovingly rub into the areas that pain you. See where you hold onto stress, and where you can breathe through the pressures.

Tune out of technology. Forget about your phone, TV or digital devises for as long as you can. Check out of whatever world is not occurring in your physical dimension. Be with yourself and the direct environment around you.

Rediscover your childlike sense of wonder, curiosity and adventure. What did you love to do as a child? How did you play? Can you find that innocence and bring it into the current moment? It is sometimes easier to manifest from a childlike openness. Allow yourself room to play and daydream. When is the last time you skipped instead of strolled? Shake things up! Have fun in bringing out your inner child!

Be present in the moment. Allow your mind not to wander, to stay completely connected to what is going on in the moment. If you are walking down the street, do not think, just observe. The flowers, the scent in the area, friendly smilies, the texture of the path, the sun upon your back or face. Observe everything about that moment so fully that there is no room for you to think beyond it.

Check in with yourself. Close your eyes, breathe. Full, vast, and rich breaths create the same life patterns. It all starts within. Go further to check in and ask yourself: How am I feeling? How’s my breathing? How’s my posture? Where is my mind? Is my heart rate up (or down) for any reason? Smile, encourage yourself along, express gratitude, and be friendly and gentle to everyone including yourself. By setting and practicing these new habits they will soon become without thought, and you’ll start to operate in a far more cool, controlled manner.

Develop healthy boundaries. Taking care of yourself includes keeping out what is not meant for you. We touched upon this in earlier work. While practicing discernment is helpful for keeping away things that you do not want, their purpose exists as contrast in shaping more ideal circumstances for yourself. Practice holding strong in your boundaries. Filter what comes in through you. Your sources of entertainment. Can you tune into how high they vibrate, how high they make you feel?

Eat well. This line of questioning is essential with food. Food is our greatest energy source, and keeps us operating for us on ideal levels. You want to ideally fill your tank premium fuel, such as eating unprocessed “clean foods” that do not weigh you down or sit in your system for too long. How hard does your body have to work to break it down? Where does it get absorbed? Can you find wisdom in the age-old sayings “you are what you eat” and “food as medicine”?

Living foods are great for our bodies. Medically trained doctors are returning to honoring more of the body’s own systems of healing and repair. There are more professionals such as Dr Raphael Kellman, who shifted his practice once he made the correlation that 80% of illness and diseases are caused because of imbalanced floria, or levels of healthy bacteria in your guts. You can see a probiotic craze popping up. The balance of healthy gut bacteria also does wonders for depression and mental health.

Furthermore, eating foods that have been grown more organically or purely will obviously limit the amount of chemicals impacting your system. The food industry is changing. Locally and consciously grown farming is becoming popular again in communities across the board, and mainstream supermarkets are stocking their shelves with more alternative options, beyond the seven major food company suppliers. Quality food is an investment into your mood, health, opportunities and lifespan.

“What most people don’t realize is that food is not just calories: it’s information. It actually contains messages that communicate to every cell in the body.” -Dr Mark Hyman

“There’s an herb for every system, every organ, every gland, and every tissue of our body. Mother nature has put medicine in our food.” – Bob Marley

-Know the power of your health. Self-care is also about honoring your body’s natural abilities to heal and transform itself. For health matters for instance, when we feel our time or resources are limited, or that our research is confused, we tend want to put our own body’s healing into someone else’s hands. So often we give up on our own immunities and powers of regeneration. Cellular influence is important to be aware of. Many ailments can be contributed to a disharmony of the cells, where the “bad” cells are having a greater influence over the “good” cells. This can be perpetuated by stress and fear. Age is mattering less, as it is about how you take care of yourself along the way, and how young you stay in spirit. Hyper-awareness of age is a consumer disease. Stay on a higher flow. Focus on matters of vitality, otherwise known as the spirit that comes through you. For some this comes at time of expression or creativity, or in working with your hands, or activities that make you feel the flow through your body without even trying. What are these for you?

Contrary to the messaging of the industry, your beauty is not what it has been made out to be. You cannot achieve beauty through external realms – as they say this is only skin deep, and true beauty shows. It is the light, clarity and radiance that shines from within. Beauty shows up in the food you eat, in the decisions you make, and on the compassion you have for yourself and others. Focus on your healing and clarity, take care of your body and your beauty will radiate. When your channels are clear, your true beauty flickers in moments of feeling lit up, as you experience purpose, joy, discovery or passion.

“The cells of your body aren’t old, they keep regenerating, they are new. Your body has the potential of being as young and as vital as it has ever been, you see… You don’t have old cells, you just have an old attitude about your new self.” -Unknown

“The human body is a self-regulating organism. Meaning, it’s programmed to heal itself.”

Movement is Medicine. Move your body! Move the energy around. You do not need to join a gym to work on your body. You can walk, hike, ride a bicycle, swim, stretch… the most important thing is that you move! One of the best ways to feel in your body is to turn on your favorite music and just let loose! You do not need to know how to dance. Just simply move your feet around around, sway your arms, shake your hips, and, if you are really feeling open, throw in some head bangs and hair flips! Try your best to dance around to music at least once a day for a week straight. Once you see the upliftment it brings, you will be inviting friends and family to join you!

Be kind to yourself. As we have been working with words and feelings matter. You will be your closest friend and ally, and all you have at the end of the day.

“Love yourself enough to set boundaries. Your time and energy are precious. You get to choose how you use it. You teach people how to treat you by deciding what you will and won’t accept.” -Anna Taylor