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Universal Truths

CoCre November 3, 2021


Universal truths are our laws of the greater force of life. The center point of these truths are rooted in the Everything is Energy and Aether sections we covered earlier. These are the certain collective truths that are unwavered by individual perspective.

“If you want to know the secrets of the universe think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration.” -Nikola Tesla

Vibration + Frequency
As energetic beings, we, and everything else in our reality, vibrates and pitches at a frequency. The clearer or lighter the being, the higher the pitch, and the more the light of divinity can radiate through. Such as the expression, when people, environments or things are considered “high vibe”.

Flow, joy, opportunities and abundance exist at higher vibrations or frequencies, while negativity, doubt and dis-eases exist lower. Fortunately, this energy lives at light-speed and can be flipped at any time. Similar to tuning a guitar or a radio station, you can set the tone of your vibration in any given moment. The ideal is to hold a high vibration no matter the circumstances, emotions or triggers. Can you get yourself to a point where you can observe and practice? This force can bring us tremendous wisdom in our emotions.

Momentum + Attraction
Ritual, repetition and practice become momentum, and momentum forms reality. We know thoughts are a practice that crystalize into form; whatever is believed with conviction shall be. With this, it again reminds us of our responsibility to use this energy consciously and with intention. This energy creates karma, and you receive back what you give. Positive perpetuates positive, and negative, negative. Energy flows where your attention goes… and so forth. Often the block that prevents people from manifesting to the next level is them reminding themselves of their current state of reality, which perpetuates the next cycle as just that. Keep your thinking forward, and thus your momentum shall be. What you expect and project will blossom, so start to trust and expect the best outcomes and circumstances for yourself.

Cooperative Duality
There is always balance and an equal and opposite contrast to everything in our reality. This is the yin-yang, the feminine and masculine, the light and the dark, highs and lows, depths and shallows, the internal and external. These exist in nature and within everyone. This is the contrast that exists so you can formulate what you do and do not want from your experience. This contrast helps you shape and create more ideal circumstances for yourself. When contrast appears “bad” or “negative”, learn to move through them quicker by aknowleding them as part of your balanced journey. Look for the lesson or the pattern become aware of. Instead of “why me”, you can empower with “well I definitely don’t want this!” and keep it moving!

Expansion + Evolution
It is said universe formed and centralizes from a single focal point, and has expanded to what we are aware of today. As we covered with energy, life is lifeward, constantly renewing and evolving. We can trust this progress in our own situations and circumstances. We can allow expansion and change and growth to happen, knowing with full force that this is life, and this is our lifetime to live. This is the “future pull” concept outlined earlier in Everything is Energy.