Make an Impact

There are innumerable creative ways one can make an impact. We all have a wide diversity of resources available to us, often underutilized, such as network, time, skill, ideas, goods, and assets of all kinds.

In this great age of abundance, instant connection, and a heightened sense of purpose, we can crowdsource initiatives, innovations, and solutions for the betterment of Earth and humanity.

impact facilitation

We work with people, companies, brands, funds, foundations, educational facilities, government bodies, groups, and other organizations to utilize a wider range of resources to create unique initiatives, programs, content, collaborations, and social campaigns that benefit the most aligned causes and missions.

Our Impact program helps identify a vast range of available resources to match donors with more creative opportunities to make a difference. ​

Resources May Include:

Ideas & Wisdom
Goods & Supplies
Real Estate & Land
Skills, Labor & Service
Capital, Crypto & Other Assets​


Beyond facilitation, for brands, businesses, and organizations we help craft sustainable longer-term programs to help meet your social impact or corporate social responsibility missions and goals. We also provide advisory on evolving and thriving within the shifting landscape of the conscious consumer market.

“It will no longer be a choice for companies to embed social impact into their business and brand strategies – it will be required to thrive and compete for talent, customers, and investors.”

-Patsy Doerr, Global Head of Corporate Responsibility and Inclusion at Thomson Reuters

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For organizations, our offerings weave social responsibility (CSR), Human Resources (HR), communications and marketing, business development, and philanthropic sectors, and are designed to help make a greater impact internally and externally

Beyond facilitation, we help craft sustainable longer-term programs to help meet your social engagement, impact, and responsibility goals, both internally and externally, while providing supportive insight on the shift to a more conscious consumer market.

Amplification helps your initiatives live more socially and dynamically within an omnichannel, multi-media spectrum. This includes inspiring content and campaigns focused around the story and result of your collective actions. This may include:

Social Strategy & Design 

Creative Direction/Production

Aligned Partnerships

Social Media Campaigns

Press and Media Placement

Influencer Integration


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