Are you a victim, survivor or thriver? Marion Valenza explains how mindset alters your life

“Life is what you make of it.” 

A simple phrase with an exceedingly powerful meaning. Marion Valenza (nee Bacol-Uba) shifted from feeling like a victim and a survivor to embodying a thriver mentality by making a change in her mindset. 

In the Tedx Talk video below, Marion shares tools on how she became empowered by her transformation after leaving the safety net of doing what was expected and choosing a life built around consciousness, collaboration, community, and celebration. Marion explains how this move was motivated by a need to reclaim her own life instead of finding ways to cope with the feelings of emptiness that came from simply surviving.

By utilizing tools to step into her power, Marion was able to recreate her life and launch a consulting business that is in alignment with her soul and gives her lasting fulfillment.

Today, Marion thrives as she shares her journey of healing and transformation in order to help others step into their power and purpose.

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