Model: Currency

Model: currency

Markets, currencies, and exchanges that are backed by military might, colonized resources, scarcity cultural narratives, and concentrations of institutional wealth will simply not sustain. Questions upon the integrity of the systems we play on are revealing complete insecurity, and quite frankly, not intelligent enough for forward human consciousness. In today’s modern, digital world, the idea of wealth has boiled down to a bunch of zeroes and ones in a computer system that is completely dependent on satellites and electronic mother-boarding, a land where wealth is played and puffed upon a hype-based stoke market for the benefit of a few. Could be far wiser.

While we are seeing the bubbles of imbalances revealing themselves and playing themselves out, ideas around wealth, value, and investment are rapidly expanding. Evolutions such as cryptocurrencies fuel these exciting times of decentralization from an archaic imperialized system bloated with neurotic control issues around land, trade, supply, and consumer (human) behavior. 

It is estimated that there will be around nine international currencies of a future cooperative global society, as well as the markets that support. So, what does a cooperative currency that is good for the global evolution of all-kind look like? 

Project Overview: Think-tanking a simple, transparent, and holistic model of exchange, rooted by food, community, and intentional cooperation. Above all, rooted in the originating language of the supposed reasons why financial systems were created: a trusted exchange. Inclusive of banking, lending, investment, market play, exchange, and international accessibility.

Project Status: Open; Think tank/solution circle forming into collaboration project with launch intentions.

Open Project Opportunities: 

    • Thinkers and tinkers brilliant about and/or experienced in the end-goal and/or the calibrations in getting there.
    • Cooperative players in old-world dynasty institutions (FIAT, etc), bridge-world players in the blockchain and crypto space, and new-world global pioneers in this space.  
    • Introduce yourself below to apply to be a part of the think tank. Limited availability.

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