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Part think-tank incubator, part workshop, and pure purpose at play. Contributors model aspects of big ideas , essentially co-creating initiatives, innovations, and solutions that turn into new cooperative and sustainable paradigms of living.

Markets, exchanges, and currencies, that depend on business models of colonization, military might, hoarding gold, concentrations of olde or institutional "wealth", and/or the stewing of disempowered dependent Consumer Inc cultural narratives will - quite simply - not sustain. So how do we play this all forward?

We are seeing more of the hype bubbles of imbalances reveal themselves and play themselves out, while ideas around wealth, value, and investment are rapidly evolving. We have market stoke hype factories and new world bridges such as crypto and blockchain currencies fueling these exciting feels of “decentralization” from an archaic and imperialized system that appears bloated with neurotic control issues around land, trade, supply, and the behavior of others. Yet as we go about trading through the aethers of our existence, what truly grounds these currencies down to Earth with integrity? 

As we go through this shift in age and balance of power, it may feel like the current mainstream is funneling into another gridded ‘ole global currency game, but projections through to this upcoming social bridge phase see around nine global currencies played across multiple but more specialized and empowered markets. Here we can suss out, soundboard, and tinker in co-creating what could be.

Project overview

As insecurities behind the fundamental integrity of the systems we play on reveal, we offer a future-forward innovation circle to stew and brew around alternative and evolutional concepts of currency and community. We envision simple, transparent, and holistic model of exchange, rooted by food, community, and intentional cooperation. Above all, rooted in the originating language of the supposed reasons why financial systems were created: a trusted exchange. Inclusive of ideas of banking, lending, investment, market play, exchange, and international accessibility. Serving this upcoming bridge phase into new paradigm.


Art by Jean luc Comperat

  • One of our greatest forces in the driving global social narrative that bedrocks the quality of living of all beings
  • It is in the act of exchange that connects us all
  • Currency is vast conduit with diverse channels of exchange
  • Common cents: In today’s modern, digital world, the idea of wealth has boiled down to a bunch of zeroes and ones in a computer system that is completely dependent on satellites and electronic mother-boarding, a land where wealth is played and puffed upon a hype-based stoke market for the benefit of a few. Could be far wiser.
  • To help restore the fundamental basis of ‘trust’
  • We are here now – in this age of instant communication!

The Great Exhale

Annnnddd exhale. Let go. The first world business model is still colonization, and it reeks to the high heavens of the cosmos. This behavior is simply insecure and not lifeward because it tends to breed scar-city and fear-based dystopian control issues, where people – no matter how many embellishments they wear or attract – often grow to feel disconnected, like sealed-off fishbowls in giant wondrous oceans. And it’s all just simply not necessary. Its in the times where we shatter the glass and go with the grander flow to feel into the possibilities forward. 

Honest reflections are required for this Age of Enlightenment - where light illuminates all shadows.

What do you feel prevents us from cooperative currency systems, and how can you see us getting on through to greater solutions?

Abundance or scar-city? Fear or love?

Open CALL Opportunities:

  • Aligned and inspired financial and geopolitical experts and consultants
  • Policies, regulations, and legal eagles
  • Systems change architects and engineers
  • Cooperating partners from existing institutions
  • Thinkers, do-ers, and those who see the mission

Join in on the Model think-tank, offer ideas, connections, or inspired thoughts below.

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