Model: Land Back USA

Model: Land Back - USA

The integrity of all social systems, down to the colonization model of business/being that is the first world way, are being reflected more than ever as we advance as humanity. It is highly obvious there is a great revealing and healing process happening that should be felt, one that sets forth evolutionary and participatory, cooperative possibility. 

Ideas of reparations are on the discussions and agendas of many people, groups, and governments. Rather than throw money around and patch with bandaids and, quite honestly, broken promises, as often the case especially on issues such as these, it is important that programs actually work – well, efficiently, and sustainably. But most importantly, for the people and groups who they are meant for, and designed intellectually, cooperatively – far from any control or savior complexes. Programs and distributions that actually help ease, lift, and empower for the long run. Co-created to go somewhere. In certain Indigenous lineage, that somewhere would be seven generations forward. Thinking and operating for seven generations forward.  

It is also important to act now. Not only is this all unfolding right now, but, right now in the United States of America, in many of the very few designated Native reservations left, people – children, families, elders, humans – still do not having clean water running in their homes. In 2021. The stewards, the caretakers, the OG’s of America, and this is how they are treated. It is too telling. A narrative of being forgotten that still permeates though action daily.

Beginning with the grand ole’ (though still quite young) United States of America, there exists a prime opportunity to be a force forward in righteousness, in cooperation of the future, in co-creating a model of what a fair, cooperative land back initiative would look like, two concepts that have never been offered from the core.

Here, today, we work with the idea of a Land Back initiative with an extended mission that, in true indigenous nature, recirculates back into the ecosystem and overall health of all-kind. All-kind.

In the 2020/2021 political transition, New Mexico Senator Deb Haaland became the first Native American to hold a position/voice of house. Yes, for real, but awesome that it has finally happened. Her position – perhaps in the great timing of it all – Secretary of Interior, not only in synchronicity for all the land bank and reparations initiatives in the works,  but the unfolding of the conversation of the hand religion played as more gets revealed on the grounds of various boarding schools and institutions. Indeed, great acknowledgement and healing needs to happen for all, to truly move through with the best of our collective ability.

Co-creating a clear, cooperative model forward is the intention, a blueprint of success for similar actions of the future. Our intention is to begin this work in USA, into Canada and down into Central and South America. Beyond that in the near future, for more about our work in Africa/Congo visit our Model: World Peace overview.

Project Overview: A direct-action initiative that helps bring, specifically, prime agriculture and eco tourism land back to First Nations people and groups, as well as align key social and cultural opportunities, beginning in the USA. From there, to work together cooperatively to restore the health of our society, soils, water, and food systems through indigenous practice, such as utilizing systems of what we refer to today as permaculture and regenerative agriculture. Furthermore, moving to utilize and distribute the abundance of foods, plant-based medicines, and other resources into communities, public schools, and malnourished populations. As a model, it can be duplicated, so education and empowerment flows as its base. As a holistic model, Model: Land Back also includes support and amplification around the stories and culture of Native and Indigenous spirit. 

Project Status: Open. Solution circle turning into on-the-ground initiatives.  All hands on deck. 

Open Project Opportunities: 

    • First Nations/Indigenous/Native people and groups who wish to co-create and co-navigate work in this space, while taking the lead on receiving. 
    • Aligned and/or experienced advisors, navigators, change-makers, and others in this space.
    • Those who want to do incredible deeds with real estate.
    • Explore philanthropic and impact investment opportunities.
    • Bring experience, connections, or other offerings to this initiative.

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