Model: Small Town America

Model: Small Town America

What does a modern, healthy, and circular community look like? Our Small Town America model helps orchestrate the eco-conscious development and evolution of a quaint riverside mountaintop town of 8600 residents within 2.5 square miles. Set against the backdrop of lush greenery and low rolling mountains, the town features a mix of new and historic homes and buildings, many in the style of the charming aesthetic of the late 1800s and early 1900s. Primed for a new-world Renaissance, and with all the feelings of a nook-y country town, this community is located just 90 minutes from one of the world’s busiest cities, connected by railway. 

Project Overview: Ecosystem model town concept. Includes: community enrichment/empowerment initiatives; Main Street curation; arts and cultural programming; augmented education curriculums; food distribution pipelines, health and wellness empowerment; abuse/trauma stabilization and initiatives; residential living condition improvements; bipartisan cooperation between citizens and small town government. 

Project Status: Landed. On the ground. Implementation phase. 2021-2023.

Open Project Opportunities: 

    • Bring a business idea to the “Main Street” district
    • Learn more about or offer programming and empowerment for the people of the community
    • Align with events and cultural experiences of the area
    • Integrated sponsorship and partnership opportunities
    • Bring experience, connections, or other offerings to this model
    • Join forces with the town’s Carbon Neutral program
    • Discover Real Estate, Impact and/or Philanthropic investment opportunities

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