Model: Space As One


The idea of “space” is not as foreign as it seems, as space and its cosmic elements are everywhere, including within us. It is what floats around “up in space” (currently delivered by rockets) that powers our communications, technologies, social systems, transportation, and modern GPS devices. Our dealings with space are long here, and inevitably forward. With talk of mining for precious minerals “up there” instead of down here on Earth, and loads more fun stuff happening in the, ahh, space, the time is now to dream into action of what could be.
In conversation, working with the vast perspective of space offers a chance to expand on and present realities that don’t exist yet. In the least, the space to reframe ideas of human behavior that caused ideas of boundaries and separation to begin with. As we grow/go up into space to connect with more resources, it is important to leave behind the paradigms of colonizing what again, can never truly be owned by any one. Where humanmade borders are not even a thing. Perhaps it’s healthy to be working with perspectives of borderless space and reflecting Earth as a fragile and beautiful dot in an infinite sea of nothingness amongst everything, where the only colors on Earth that can be seen are blues and greens and sands and some passing clouds. You can muse out more on this with this article on The Overview Effect.

Further along in the magic of working with space, we can free up metaphysical energies – æther, aether, atheer, ether, chi, prana – that have been kept from mainstream books/study since at least the 1400s. These elements, perhaps simply aer (as opposed to air), is the quintessence of which cannot be unproven when it is all that is, with a vibration that can only be achieved and tuned into, not studied and harnessed on an old-world frequency. 

Aer studies (mysticism, sorcery/”sourcery”, and simply, energy work) are freeing again in what can only be described in mainstream as a convergence of “science and spirituality”. So here we are, suspended in a marvelous time in yes, space, where any and all things are possible. Now how do we play together as one? One does not necessarily mean in unison, rather, perhaps, a prismatic embodiment of all.

Project Overview: A well-intentioned interstellar force (for fun, right?) helping steward in our healthy expansion into a more cosmic aware age, for the good of our greatest universal evolution, beginning with the narrative of space. Also, to help ensure the conditions of low vibrational human behavior do not follow us up and off this Earth. Finally, to appreciate the space in which so much borderless and maiden mass exists as a beautiful and giant reflection of the conversations we really just need to have down here on Earth. Everlastly, perhaps a perfectly playful path to anyone’s idea of utopia. 

Project Status: Think tank turning into collaborative initiative, into realized goals.

Open Project Opportunities: 

    • Apply to advise or join the think-tank if you are passionate about the topic and have an expansive, connective, added value contribution to the overall initiative.
    • Bring your aligned, space industry project into the mix.
    • Bring experience, connections, or other offerings to this model
    • Discover Impact or Philanthropic investment opportunities in the space space.

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