Model: World Peace – Congo

Model: World Peace - Congo

While we frequently squabble over resources that can be found and resourced in many parts of the globe, what happens when we all need something that comes from only one source located in a highly critical and biologically vital area? Until we are free to play in the metaphysical realms of energy again, we are still depending upon rocks in the ground to fuel our physical transportations and ethereal communications. Currently, the hardware technology used to unite us all through cell phones, satellites, and computers depend on the minerals and crystals that come from one central African region – with the Congo at its heart. Specifically, more than 70% of the world’s cobalt, one of the minerals in high demand, is produced in the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC), which also happens to be part of the home territory of the last remaining groups of mountain gorillas and certain great apes left on this planet. With ground rich with coltan, lithium, gold, and diamond – these have also become conflict rocks.

So, again, what do we do when we all have to share these rocks? Rocks that are typically mined by children and people under the most horrific conditions? For all of our technology, as well as for all these false ideas of environmentally friendly energy such as electric batteries. And then… there’s jewelry. And the industries of it all.

These rocks all handpicked out of mines, which are owned and hyper-managed by at least five other first world countries, while states and countries in Africa move towards regaining balance in what is still so obviously corrupted. What do we do when we cannot avoid how insensible these systems of trade are? And all that comes along with ending old-world war games, such as using decades long civil wars to distract citizens while raping the trillions of dollars of resources right up from under their very feet? Then enslaving them to do the work of it, in true fashion of the old world gamery of it all?! The gall! Over so much time. Too much time, far too long. Further forward, with an estimated $24 trillion in untapped resources under their feet, should the wealth of their land not make the Congolese and surrounding nations the richest in the world right now? It’s a conversation that makes a lot of people uncomfortable, rooted more in fear than anything else.

The business of the world stage of it all makes it play out quite the opposite. We are only at the very tip of the iceberg on this, and yet there will not be one bit of common sense revealed. Yet this has been and is currently the first world business model that vibes into all aspects of our modern dealings, straight down to the warped adage “It’s not personal, it’s business” – when so much of this business is all about one’s personal.

Everything effects everything. So when our modern world is highly dependent on crystals from one small portion of the Earth, where only a handful of invading countries across time are still playing their hierarchy roles in the backwards business of it all, there comes an unprecedented opportunity for future-forward actions of straight up common sense tuned to a healthy universal flow.

How do we share the resources that we all need when they come from one limited region right now? This moment in time offers us one of the most paramount opportunities for a global conversation to fuse dynasty and dignity, towards sharing resources and stewarding forth world peace like never before. 

No more excuses. No more sending armies to avoid conversations of simply how to get along and share. Kindergarten stuff. No more being afraid of all thriving, together. Cooperation is not only the most intelligent and life-ward way to go, but beyond all resistance, clinging, and fears of the unknown, it is absolutely inevitable. As we arrive to be more intelligent, conscious beings, these conversations and models are unfolding, in real-talk and real-time. 

Project Overview: A cooperative revised global system for the fair distribution of resources under upgraded understandings of land ownership and cooperativeship, when it comes to resources of global dependancy. 

Currently a think tank and solution circle, moving into actions with integrated results by late 2022. Venturing into international relations, food/agriculture, natural resources, and human empowerment of the region of DRC and surrounding countries.

Project Status: Brewing. Gathering voices and players. On-the-ground conversations. 

Open Project Opportunities: 

    • Advisory from those with experience and handlings in any of the work and/or players related to this initiative
    • People, local/tribal, and federal government facilitators from DRC, EU, USA, and many of the 140 countries that are part of China’s BRI aka “New Silk Road” band
    • Philanthropic and Impact investment opportunities  
    • Land Back and reparations initiatives
    • Bring experience, connections, or other offerings to this model

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