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Part think-tank incubator, part workshop, and pure purpose. Contributors play with big ideas while co-creating innovations and solutions that turn into reality paradigms to help evolve humanity towards more cooperative and sustainable ways forward.

Cooperatively crowdsourcing reality.

Within our Models program, impassioned enthusiasts from all walks of life turn conversation into collaboration, into action, into solutions, into new ways forward. Models begin as think-tanks and solution circles while getting sound and proofed, before being implemented into action and real-world, on-the-ground models. Models are open to join and participate in. Your momentum and attendance in discussions and projects is up to you, while the group carries on in play.

Explore models below to get started.

Model NU

What does a new, more conscious and cooperative model of global resource share look like? Across history we have sent armies to avoid having some very real dialogue between nations. In Modern NU we explore root issues and paths to progress without traditional geopolitical boundaries.

Model REHAB & recovery

With hundreds of millions of USD pouring into states and communities from the Sackler Family/Perdue Pharma opioid crisis settlement, what are models of rehab and recovery that encompass full health and well-being, that reach the root of the issues – a space between medical facilities and jail? 

Model Small Town America

Ecosystem model town concept. Includes: community enrichment/empowerment initiatives; Main Street curation; arts and cultural programming; augmented education curriculums; food, health, and abuse/trauma initiatives; residential living improvements; and cooperating evolutions in small town government. 

Model world Peace: congo

What do we do when the majority of minerals we depend on to connect us through technology come from one place on Earth? An incredibly resource-rich region, where its people don’t benefit. Working with these geopolitical gems offers a paramount opportunity to explore concepts around global resource share – the root of world peace. 

Model Space As One

A diverse global collective ponders towards our conscious expansion into space, its energies, as well as the social reflections it presents back here on Earth, and the industries and opportunities that ground it all.

Model currency

Think tanking a holistic model of exchange, existing as much in the ethers as it does on Earth. Digitally featured, but rooted by community, culture, and resources. In alignment with founding financial system , such as trusted exchange, and inclusive of banking, lending, investment, market play, exchange, and international accessibility.