New World Models

Conversation — Collaboration — Action — Solution

Part think-tank incubator, part workshop, and pure purpose. In our Models program, contributors play with big ideas while co-creating innovations and solutions that turn into reality paradigms that help evolve humanity towards more cooperative and sustainable structures. 

We are in a great time of transformation in humanity where new models of operations and unification are required. What brilliance we have in this world! Limited not by degrees of any institutions or separations.

In order to craft sustainable models for our intelligent, compassionate, and ever-evolving population of conscious humans, it takes diverse mindsets from all walks of life, experience, and perspective. Here, impassioned enthusiasts contribute their time and resources such as ideas, skillset, and network, to turn conversation into collaboration into action into solutions and new ways forward. The end-goal is to run successful case models of each.

Models begin as think-tank/solution circles while getting sound and proofed, before being implemented into action. Throughout it all, contributors can join in on group calls, co-working teams, and creative group collaborations that support the development  of each. Choose a model of interest below to learn more or to apply to join its collective.



Ecosystem model town concept. Includes: community enrichment/empowerment initiatives; Main Street curation; arts and cultural programming; augmented education curriculums; food, health, and abuse/trauma initiatives; residential living improvements; and cooperating evolutions in small town government. 


What do we do when the majority of the rocks we need to connect us all through technology and communications come from only one place in the world? Here offers a paramount opportunity for global resource share – the seed of world peace. 


A diverse global collective for our conscious expansion into space, its energies, as well as the social reflections it presents here on Earth, and the industry opportunities that ground it all.


We work creatively with the idea of a Land Back initiative with an extended mission that, in true indigenous nature, recirculates back into the ecosystem and overall health of all-kind. Co-created with and serving Indigenous communities, starting in the Americas with USA.


Think tanking a holistic model of exchange, rooted by food, community, and intentional cooperation. Above all, rooted in the originating language of the supposed reasons why financial systems were created: a trusted exchange. Inclusive of banking, lending, investment, market play, exchange, and international accessibility.