New World Models

Conversation — Collaboration — Action — Solution

Part think-tank incubator, part workshop, and pure purpose.

We are currently in a great transformational segment of humanity where new models of “co-operation” are required.

In our Models program, contributors play with big ideas while co-creating innovations, solutions, and reality paradigms that help evolve humanity towards more cooperative and sustainable structures. 

Current Models in Play:

Youth & Minority Empowerment
Food Security + Sustainability
Model US Government
Model Congo


What brilliance we have in this world! Limited not by degrees of any institutions or separations.

In order to craft sustainable models for our intelligent, compassionate, and ever-evolving population of conscious humans, it takes diverse mindsets from all walks of life, experience, and perspective. 

Within Models, impassioned enthusiasts contribute their time and resources such as ideas, skillset, and network, to turn conversation into collaboration into action into solutions and new ways forward.

We will spend the spring working on sounding and proofing models, before implementing initiatives into action later this summer. Throughout it all, Model contributors can join weekly calls, project teams, and other group collaborations that support the development of each. 

To learn more about joining one or more of our Model programs, please fill out and send the form below.