The New World Order is Whatever We Make It To Be

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The transformation to a more, intelligent and cooperative society is well rippling through the mainstream, and humanity has never looked so bright and beautiful. Really.

Fundamentally, we are life-ward, intelligent, ever evolving beings living here now in a new cosmic age, getting more global, and more empowered.

We recognize three social stages occurring in sync, much like our present, past, and future understandings. For easy labeling, let’s call them old world, transitional world, and new world paradigms – outlined below. At this exciting axis of reflections, revealing into the healing, and greater understandings of power and energy, we offer some related reflections.

As Above, So Below

What exists collectively in our reality is a direct reflection of our individual inner worlds. With this, a greater world can only begin with feeling good in who we are, individually, and in the decisions we make each day. There are some who spend most of their lives running from themselves, unable to be alone without distraction or chatter, the avoidance of looking within oneself and doing any helpful excavating or development. A greater world is us being real with ourselves and each other, clearing through, talking things out, letting things go, moving around, letting it flow. A great exhale… inhale, exhale, inhale.

We are conditioning dependent consumers to everything that is outside of us, often detached from authenticity, intuition, passion, and purpose. If we knew ourselves more lovingly, confidently, and unconditionally, markets would pivot greatly.

So much of what we tend to want is in the projected feeling of how good having it would feel. The present is where the guidance to “there” unfolds, and typically in the most subtle ways. 

Such as, how does simply just being here now feel? Exhale. How does dreaming something into existence feel? Inhale. We are all human artists and creators – let go and let it flow. What do you want? Why? Allow yourself to think without lids and limits – let go of the how and when.

As you journey through your day, tune into your first instinct senses – what do you feel, what do you see, what can you hear, what touches you, what is the taste of its air? Feel. Intuit.

Finally, as far as fundamentals go, as too-simple as it might sound, the steady point of the greatest core power is in tuning into your breath in any given moment, and finding a natural, calm rhythm. 

Old World: Scarcity

Put simply, anything depending on the first world business model of colonization will not make it through the transition and should be pivoting or repurposing. This includes those who depend on extracting resources from “properties” imbalanced ways. Properties as defined here include land, bodies/labor, artistry/skill, ideas/information, and properties of the mind, such as any curriculum and cultural programming that strong-arm narratives and/or confuse ones identity and self-worth in order to entrap into a dependent and systemic server.

No more shall we continue models that stifle human spirit, especially where industry is known to slow innovation and discredit commonly available, un-patentable solutions in material, human health, food supply, and human empowerment. The concept of collectively-earned resources being hoarded into a hard-angled hierarchy is simply no longer valued as real value becomes more considered.

There is a forward-thinking, life-ward integrity arising in the core culture of all systems, with fundamental ideas of establishing trusts and cooperatives being remembered, explored, and established. 

We are seeing the old world ways play itself out, with more truth being brought to light. We can stoke the inevitable by continuing to question core integrity, agendas, and clearing through our own hypocrisies and social/self-imposed limitations. 


Transition: Unconditional Love

Care, play, conversation, empathy, and compassion are required during what is being dubbed as the decentralization renaissance. More are remembering their power in how we imagine, believe, and realize all things into reality, raising the feeling of consciousness and responsibility that comes with thinking thoughts into influence/existence. And then the great realization, all your dreams can come true, so now what? 

There is quite a bit of reflections, processing, forgiveness, and healing required during this process. Ultimately the alchemy of action behind a good intention evolves all, and to keep on moving through it is ideal.

In this transition, we can place great value on the leaders, educators, consultants, coaches, healers, advisors, do’ers, support teams, agencies, action units, and managers who are authentic in their purpose, mission, and work. These include the communicators, connectors, gentle negotiators, artists, and kindred ushers. What is here right now is a unifying cooperation of allkind.

It is because it believes it is, collectively, and so it is. The fun becomes in playing  and co-creating with others, sharing experiences, laughing, co-creating, jumping into the unknown together.

So let go. Ride the waves. Have fun with it. Play in the tumble of it all. Know that you are safe, and that it will ultimately settle beyond the horizon of what we think we can imagine possible – far greater.

The true love is in the trust, the faith, the fun, the feeling, the knowing, the surrender to the whatever-ness that feels so grounding and centered that no conditions can shake.

New World: Sustainability 

The most genuine, highest vibration of what authentically feels good in the hearts, bodies, and intuition of human beings is what ultimately nourishes and sustains. Vision in this space requires seeing things beyond current structures including any associated behaviors, habits, and motivations that exist due to effects of old world human conditioning and paradigms. Here we surrender all we think we know to the wide open universe of possibility, and feel the liberation of the detachment and simplicity of it all. 

The new world model is a healthy collective culture, an intelligent, cooperative, and thriving ecosystem, a symbiotic appreciation far beyond our material realm, harmonized by our natural world and human experience, and aided by tools such as currency and technology. A leveling – for these are merely hardware tools – while opening to other frequencies of communication.

Amongst the head-nodding common sense tune-ups, we are seeing more moves rooted in real impact, cooperative resource share, and empowered humanity.

With the future not centralized like the old world, and includes bolstering markets and currencies with local trading communities that could also operate virtually and globally.

And Beyond 

There is aether energy we have hardly harnessed yet, a wide variety of abundance on Earth that occurs naturally, incredible human capital/resources (time, skill, energy, network, assets, goods, etc), and enough diversity of topography to delight everybody’s wonder. 

To balance Earth/aethers balance, we see the resurgence of indigenous wisdom to help heal and restore humanity and our waters, soils, and air, where reparations are given with great appreciation in the form of land and opportunities that could help us all heal. We see empowered urban environments, evolving small towns, and initiatives such as the transfer of ownership of the mines in Africa that contain rocks and minerals that power our modern world back to the people of those lands. Basics. 

Pulling in the Paradigm

Belief makes it so, followed by our inspired actions and collective momentum. Conversations and collaborations help. Appreciation of the arts, wonder, awe, conversation, cooperation, smiles, feelings of support and giving/receiving cycles – this all propels.

Allowing the great inhales and exhales of life to cycle. Trust. And here we land full circle at the root. It all comes back to the unconditional love we feel for ourselves and others. Compassion is key.

“If we could read the secret history of our enemies, we should find in each man’s life sorrow and suffering enough to disarm all hostility.” -Longfellow

Love + light fellow beings <3

All photos Lewis Miller Design

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