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Assessing Others in Your Life

CoCre November 3, 2021

Assess a partnership:
-Are we synced within our standards of integrity and in treating each other?
-Do we have similar visions for ourselves in life, separately?
-Do we honor and respect each other? How do they honor me?
-How are they supportive of my goals and desires?
-How do they help me grow into a better person? Do we push ourselves outside our comfort zones, or do we wallow in them together?
-How have they proven to be a good friend to me? Have there been times they have not been so good, especially with violations of trust or respect?
-Are there areas where the relationship feels more one-sided, where I am giving to much? If so, what?
-Can we discuss emotional and difficult topics openly? Are there any games or patterns that threaten good communication?
-How do we react to, trigger and dance with each other’s energies in times of heightened emotions or crisis?
-Am I feeling them for who they are, through thick and thin, and for what I see them as in my life, or do I find myself liking them more for how they make me feel and what they can bring to my life?

When a partnership is unhealthy…
-We are afraid to be alone.
-We don’t like the idea of dating and would rather just have someone comfortable and convenient.
-We are seeking the idea of partnership so badly we settle for non-ideal standards
-We are afraid of our feelings of love, and project that it may limit us somehow
-We are seeking validation through the appearance (physical/lifestyle) of who we are dating, or hoping somehow they will inspire us to fulfill a certain sense of unhappiness.
-We are more interested in seeking attention or adoration from another