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Life Narrative in Color

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Life Narrative in Color

CoCre November 3, 2021

Read back through the personal life story you wrote in the previous exercise to identify and highlight in colors, underline or take note of words and phrases that show:


Achievements, successes and proud moments

Leaps of faith

Difficult times, “mistakes”, disappointments, insecurities and failures

Pain, abusive situations and traumas

We do this so we can become more intimately familiar with the moments that have shaped us. As you read back through your story, give respect and honor to your life. Be gentle with yourself when you relive these memories, especially with any tough times or pain points.

Imagine you are reading someone else’s story with a neutral mind, and that you are trying to help them identify the above. Step back and notice, from an observer’s perspective, how you describe your life, the things you choose to highlight, the words and feelings used around memories. See how the colors you used to categorized your moments create the rainbow of your life.


-How do you speak about your life, your accomplishments and disappointments?

-Are there any moments or memories that you purposely left out or wanted to leave out? If so, what, and why?

-What past weights must you shed, or where must you still learn, accept, forgive and release? This can include pain points and traumas that you’re holding in or not allowing yourself to feel, or embarrassments, shame, numbing, bullying, loss of personal power, heartbreak, or abuses of mind, body, spirit or trust.

-From reading your story and observing your feelings around your life story, can you identify some personal feelings or issues that you might need to work through during this course? Write these out in list form.

-What has been called into your life via law of attraction? Think back on why things happened the way they did, good and bad. Can you see snowball effects and paper trails? Trace through them as they come to mind, but try not to stay stuck in any single situation for more than a few minutes. No downward spiraling.

-If you were reading this about someone else’s life, what wisdom would you offer them?