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Feel More Secure

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Feel More Secure

CoCre November 3, 2021

Feel More Secure

-Practice self-love, always. Everything is rooted in your feelings towards yourself. Being kind, accepting and forgiving of yourself is key. Take care of you, and your body. Carve out time to do the things you love to do, that feed your spirit. Be gentle and speak only positivity towards yourself.

-Become more self-sustainable. Do things you wouldn’t normally do by yourself, whether that be taking a hike, cooking a meal or taking yourself out to eat, going on an adventure or starting a solo project. Gain experience handling yourself with different situations, people and locations. These actions build confidence, making it easier to see and play with life flow. Develop your skills, seek knowledge, always be learning, and be enthusiastic about getting to the next level or the next layer.

-Trust in the supportive life-ward energy and the knowing that universe always has your back. You are always being supported, guided and everything you need right now to get to the next step is already in your life. Take more leaps of faith!

-Remind yourself that you can handle whatever comes your way.

-Make decisions and take inspired action. Movement is medicine. Venture out of your comfort zone.

EXERCISE: Security vs Insecurity

Draw a line down a page of paper and in one half list out everything that makes you feel secure in life. In the other half, list out everything that makes you feel insecure in life. Just brain-dump anything that comes to mind. What insight does this bring? How can you exercise and bring in more of what makes you feel secure, and expel or overcome more of what makes you feel insecure?