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Personal Truths Insight

CoCre November 3, 2021

INSIGHT: Get to Know Thyself

Below is a list of questions that help chip away towards core truths. Move through what might feel uncomfortable in this exercise. There are no right answers, so just write and release past blocks or resistance. By asking yourself the tough questions and going as deep as you can go, the more impact this work will have.

1. Who are you?

2. What are you meant to share with the world?

3. What are some of your best qualities?

4. What are some of your worst qualities?

5. Why do you think your worst qualities exist?

6. What are some of the patterns or issues that you struggle with in life?

7. What are some things you very clearly need to work on or elevate for the betterment of your life?

8. What are some not-so-obvious things to work on within yourself?

9. How would you spend your time if you had unlimited money and resources flowing through you at all times, risk-free and no worries?

10. What type of work, duties and skills make you feel alive or most fulfilled?

11. Can you identify some false beliefs that might be structured in your mind? For instance, self-hindering doubts or things that might be negative towards yourself or others?

12. Inner Child
A. What were your favorite activities to play as a child?
B. How have the skills of these activities guided or benefited you since?
C. What childhood activities, passions or dreams have been ignored?
D. What were your ways of getting attention when you were a child – healthy or unhealthy?