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Universal Insight

CoCre November 3, 2021


-Can you feel how the vibration of your being, your force, depletes or rises depending on your emotional state? Can you catch yourself and bring yourself higher when these situations trigger?

-What are your current practices or rituals? Positive and negative.

-What positive rituals or practices can you start working into your day?

-What deeply seeded and recent karmic effects have occurred in your life? Can you follow their paper trail? Positive and negative.

-What influences are apparent in your life along the way, and today? How have they shaped you?

-What dualities or contrasts exist the most in your world? If they are frustrating, how can allow them to sync more in cooperation as in a yin-yang?

-Where can you allow more expansion, open-mindedness or open-heartedness in your life?

-What habits or patterns no longer serve you, and you can let go of as part of your evolution?

-What practices can you call in to support your growth as part of your evolution?

-Leave your own world for a bit and go to a place you can people-watch. Can you observe the vibrational trajectory of others?