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In harmony with our crowdsourcing pursuit, here we open up “love donations” for those who wish to support our work and operations. We have so many fun things in the pipeline!

As far as our intentions… you can learn about our core mission and ethos here. Our conscious capital model sees revenue streams within our upcoming community, mindfully aligned content partnerships and integrations, and impact, sustainability, and evolutionary program offerings for brands, corporations, and a diversity of organizations. 

As we roll out, you can help support the development of our content, programs, and upcoming digital community with a capital contribution. 

With no 501c3 attachment at the moment, any give would be purely an unconditional donation of love, support, and belief towards our work and big visions. We so full heartedly appreciate any inspirational flow our way, and look forward to sharing all the good that becomes of it.

If you feel compelled, you can give safely and easily below using any major card, processed through PayPal. Thank you!