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Going In: Co-Creating a Greater World From Within

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The more you can relax into this felling, the more you can work with it through topics like intuition, signs, guidance, manifesting, passions and callings. This course will help you strengthen your ability to connect with and work with the tools of the aether realm. Until then, you can start to play with the forces for fun:

Call in Guidance
Indecisive, confused, lost? Ask for signs. Trust the message has been sent and detach from the outcome of how, when or what. When the signs come, listen, or in the very least recognize and respect them as signs. We often ignore the feelings or guidance that come up in induction or dreams. Often, it will tell us things we already know down deep but that might come with uncomfortable changes that need to be made, or other resistances or procrastinations. Guidance is always available. Play with asking for direction, signs and clarity and then forgetting abut the outcome. Be sure to recognize what comes up within the first 24 hours. Write or record your asks, what comes up, and the results for extra impact.

“The universe is giving you signs everyday; in your sleep, on your timeline, in your conversations, on the radio, in the coulds, in epiphanies. Pay attention to them and piece them together. You will notice a pattern. The universe is communicating with you.” -Latisha Cotto

Create Your Reality
Manifesting is the energy work of feeling and believing the things you desire into existence. There is an entire section dedicated to this later on, but for now play with bringing in more of the things you want with less resistance. Similar to asking for signs above, there are three steps:

1. Focus. Recognize and really feel only the goodness of your desire. Do not feed any doubts or fears.

2. Ask and Release. Ask (project aloud) as positively and clearly as possible for what you desire, and then let it go. This is the sweet surrender, the detachment from the outcome of the how, when and what. Trust and believe whatever you desire that is in your best possible interest is on your way to you through the path of least resistance.

3. Receive. This is an important step that often blocks the gain: allow yourself to receive. Believe it is all possible, that yes, of course you deserve it! Know it is yours. Open yourself to receive.

Take Leaps of Faith
As opportunities come up in your life, as long as they feel good overall, try taking more leaps of faith. The unknown usually causes a stir of emotions. Excitement and nervous energy are the same base, though one skews positive, and one skews negative. Many times we resist taking forward steps because of this. In moments where you feel truly good about something but carry a fear of the unknown, push through what is uncomfortable to get to the next levels.

“Ultimately we know deeply that the other side of every fear is a freedom.” -Marilyn Ferguson

Stay Connected
To maintain the higher feeling or vibration that working with these tools creates, it is important that you connect with aligned stimulants that can hold you there – the people, places, information and experiences. Pay attention to how aspects of your environment make you feel. Read supportive books, listen to podcasts or attend local events in the realm of the topics in this course. Visit for additional recommendations, resources and connections.