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Going In: Co-Creating a Greater World From Within

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“Although the wind is very powerful and you can feel its presence, in and of itself it cannot be seen. You know it is there by its effect on others. The great trees, the grasses and waves on the sea bend with its force. If you are aware of your surroundings, you know it is there long before you feel it. So it is with the ineffable.” -Unknown

Air is vigorous in transforming and moving energy around, and reminds us of the force in movement and actions. It emphasizes transitions, freedom, and possibility, while encouraging us to free ourselves of weights and attachments to travel light through life. Often unpredictable in direction, air goes where it wants, fills “empty” space and could be gentle as a breeze or erratic as a whipping wind. It is much like the abundance all around us that we might forget… until it brings us in a scent or cool breeze that awakens our senses to the present moment.

Air empowers us with our breathing, while also reminding us how precious our dependance is on it. Oxygen enables our bodies to perform at pique condition, helps move what is stale and purifies in its path. A deep breath is always the wisest first reaction to most issues. Practicing breath work and bringing more attention to your air exchange will help you become more conscious of your breathing in situations, conversations and ranges of emotions. When you feel this power, this control, you can start consciously directing it and taking full, rich breaths, no matter how pleasant or uneasy the moment may be.

Be in fresh air as often as possible. Try going to a place as natural as possible – perhaps the woods, alongside water somewhere, a park, or standing in the middle of a field – whatever you can do. Breath conscious deep air in these environments for at least 20 minutes a day. You may get a head rush from all the oxygen, but remember it is all goodness flowing in. Practice flowing and overflowing with the air. You can work with visualizations like inhaling and imagining receiving light, love, and abundance, and exhaling to release gratitude, as well as the outdated and any stresses.

Air Excises – feel, smell, taste.

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