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Going In: Co-Creating a Greater World From Within

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Set the tone for your course ahead by speaking these out-loud until they flow steady:

I have chosen to complete the work of this program in order to strengthen my abilities, expand my horizons, widen my possibilities, and empower even more greatness into my life! I choose to release what no longer serves me and I welcome in all of the good wisdom and unconditional love to come. I have chosen to elevate myself and my surroundings because I deserve more magic in my life and more connection with my own unique and powerful offerings. I have chosen to elevate myself, my possibilities and the world around me because I want to make the best of my lifetime. I gift myself the time and space to take in this material, experiment with the tools, explore the resources and go deep with the exercises of this program. I will keep grace in mind as I move through emotions, resistance, fears, growing pains and changes.

“There’s no abiding success without commitment.” -Tony Robbins


I surrender my expectations and allow transformations and miracles to happen! I forge into the unknown with excitement, and trust my intuition be my guide. I take action on what feels life-ward. I dare to be as bold and powerful as I am innocent and vulnerable. I am open to having my mind broaden beyond what I know to be true, and have my heart cracked open beyond all I have known to be blue. I open and say a full-hearted YES! to the shifts and opportunities that I feel aligned with as they come, because I know that these are all part of the growing and unfolding of my life.

“A mind set in its ways is wasted.” -Eric Schmidt

I am real, I am raw, wounds and all. THIS IS AUTHENTICALLY ME. Wonderously and purely me. This is the time and space to release excuses, insecurities, fears, and pains. I fully let go. I honor this safe space where I can reflect back to myself what I fear and where I hide, release hinderances, and see all of my external conditions as reflections of my thoughts, feelings, and decisions. I am able to take an honest look at myself, my choices and story with truth, acceptance and compassion for myself. I recognize that truth is pure, gentle and loving, and that only resistance creates harshness. I release all resistance, and I understand that I fully own my story and actions.

“Honesty is the best policy.” -Benjamin Franklin