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Going In: Co-Creating a Greater World From Within

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“You need to learn how to select your thoughts just the same way you select your clothes every day. This is a power you can cultivate. If you want to control things in your life so bad, work on the mind. That’s the only thing you should be trying to control.” – Elizabeth Gilbert

Think about a few areas of life that you are seeking clarity, forward movement or uplift, such as self-love, healing, health, career, relationships or passions/creativity.

Write, speak or record three solid intentions to bring in the guidance, changes and healing that you are calling into your life today, in this very moment. Free your mind and use lots of beautiful, feel-y, fluffy adjectives. After writing, declare them out-loud, especially if you d not quite believe them yet. Speak them over and over until the shakiness disappears and you begin to believe your own confidence.

Here are a few general examples of intentions using present and positive language. Notice how some include reasons why, which also can help amplify their effect:

  • I am open to all of the positive opportunities and changes that this work brings into my life, because I know how good it feels when all my blocks are clear and life is flowing for me!
  • I am living and feeling more happy, healthy, wealthy and free than ever before, and therefor attracting more greatness around me than ever before!
  • I witness the marvelous impact that radiating my joy and shine fearlessly have in my experience and in the world around me.
  • I allow in effortless ease, love, kindness and abundance, because I deserve to live my best life.
  • Solutions are everywhere, and I already have everything I need. I know things are always happening for me, and I surrender to the flow of the connection.
  • I am living every day in the highest form of my truth, therefor everything divine and good is being attracted to and through me.
  • I make good use of my time, live life to the fullest, and say YES to all the great opportunities along the way, and it feels incredible!
  • It feels so so SO good to shed my layers and become more authentically me.


Presence + Positivity

Reword “I will/wish” to “I AM”

From “I want” to “I HAVE”

From “It would/could/should be…” to “IT IS”

As best as you can, for at least the the next two weeks, as soon as you wake up, confidently write or record 1-3 positively aligned intention(s) each day. You can keep it confined to your own journal, team up with a momentum buddy, or share your intention challenge with the world on social media.