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“The Art of Deliberate Creation”

CoCre November 3, 2021
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One of the best explanations on manifesting comes from Abraham Hicks…




Abraham Hicks Art of Deliberate Creation

Summarized by Infinite Shift.

Listen to full version here.

You are non-physical before you come into your physical body and still are even though you are in the physical body, so there is this vibrational relationship all the time. So here you are in your physical body focusing on the variety and the contrast, knowing what you don’t want (contrast) and asking for what you do want, sending these rockets of desire that have been honed out of the experience that you are having.

STEP 1: Ask.

So the asking that the contrast causes you to do.

STEP 2: Source answers by vibrationally assembling everything necessary.

Source then rounds up everything –all the vibrational components–that’s that Vortex of Creation that we have been talking about.

STEP 3: Find vibrational alignment so that there is no vibrational variance between the vibrational version and the reality version. Things have to be translated from the vibration into your conscious awareness of it in order for it to be apparent to you in this physical experience. How do things get from the vibration into reality?

That’s Step Three: knowing what you are doing in this vibrational point of attraction. that is why we have been emphasizing this grid, this point of attraction, this spinning grid. This is why your emotions matter so much. When your point of attraction frequency is the same as the frequency in your vortex, it flows right into your experience, and you will have it in a manifested, actualized, demonstrated way.

Now you are deliberately getting up on your high-flying disk and you are good at it; “Yes, good things are coming to me.” You are good at it, you feel good, you are feeling the momentum of it, it is easier every day to get there, and to stay there, even if you slip off, it is easier to get back there. You are chronically there: your clarity is more stable, your stamina is more stable, your vitality is more stable, your fun is more stable. You find yourself laughing about things that you were swearing about. You are finding humor in things that used to be annoying. Your view of life is transformed. You are chronically there.

Contrast doesn’t stop, it just comes to you at a higher level of vibration, but your stability is such that you don’t take those dips.

Now as you are know what you don’t want and asking for what you do want, there is not this gap vibrationally between the asking and the answering. The frequency gap between the question and the answer or the problem and the solution is almost non-existent so that by the time the question occurs the answer’s right there ready for you to pluck it. By the time the problem presents itself to you the solution is already been found. Empowered ME, Source has my back ME, all is well ME. [You say,] “Oh now I remember why I came into this environment of variety.”

STEP 4: Appreciate the world around you as a tool for deliberate creation: appreciate the “game” of contrast and variety and choice

It’s all good, but what’s the BEST choice from here.

Step four changes the feeling you have about contrast from unwanted and wanted; from bad and good stuff to “it’s all good, but what’s the best choice from here.”