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Going In: Co-Creating a Greater World From Within

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When we recognize the virtues, the talent, the beauty of Mother Earth, something is born in us, some kind of connection, love is born. We want to be connected. That is the meaning of love, to be at one. When you love someone you want to say I need you, I take refuge in you. You do anything for the benefit of the Earth and the Earth will do anything for your wellbeing. If we can ground ourselves, become one with the Earth and treat her with care, she will nourish us and heal our bodies and minds.” -Thich Naht Hanh


We are born onto utopia – rhythms, miracles of life, and extraordinary diverse riches for all to enjoy. There is plenty here for everyone – enough diversity and operable land to satisfy the unique taste of everyone, with more than enough free-flowing resources provided as a birthright to every single one of its beings. Earth is the ultimate provider, alas Mother Earth. It is only mankind that funks up the flow of naturally occurring resources and propagandas scarcity in the name of market and industry.

By nature, we can certainly put more trust in Earth giving us all the resources and connections we need, overflowing within and around us. Everything else from there is just in how we communicate, organize and exchange around it.

The beauty, wonder and awe of the natural world allow us to bear witness to the diverse miracle of life in every moment. Earth represents our physical experience, our physical bodies and our connection to the natural laws, rhythms and cycles of our living and breathing. It connects us deeply to ourselves, providing this ultimate reflection of so above, as below and internal reflects external.

We are synced with Earth and the resources we utilize, making conscious consumption more important than ever. When we personally make lower vibration decisions and engage in consumer habits that effect the health of the planet, we end up impacting the planet and internalizing it back. Therefor, we have toxic chemicals, prescription drugs and microplastics in our fresh water supply that end up back in our bodies through our showers, drinking water, food, rain, and environmental vapors. Earth teaches us what we sow we shall reap. In Earth we honor all physical, sentient beings – the circle of life, and our connection to each other. As our own levels of consciousness expands, we will ideally make better decisions that will help our natural world heal and thrive.


Spending even just minutes tuning out of human-made experience and stepping into and observing nature in action, you will surely find many examples of collective harmony at work. This perspective alone! In every species we see interactions and examples of community. Below our feet is one of the biggest examples of community: an intelligent underground mycelial mushroom network, or an “information superhighway” akin to the Internet, or the image of our brain’s neurological pathways – firing and sending data to each other, enabling the flora kingdom to connect and communicate. Through their own energy field, trees “talk” and are said to “warn” neighbors if the area is not wise to root in, or if the tree is under attack from disease or insects. “Mother” trees are said to always be connected to each seed they spawn, feeling them even when they travel and become their own trees. Every bit of greenery is connected and communicating within these underground networks. Just like in our human experience, we are all globally connected and impact each other. Cooperation of cohabitation is the original and most sustainable method of survival.

In its natural state, Earth is endlessly abundant and could sustain us all, and then some. We are conditioned for scarcity, so we have to rewire ourselves to see and appreciate the abundance that is always available around us. Our collective mother provides everything we need to survive on this planet: foods, water, medicines, shelter, tools, soil, and energy. Earth reminds us of abundance in all of the lush, rich greenery, in the depths of oceans and skies, and in the diversity of the array of beautiful species that coexist on a healthy planet. There is enough land and resources to go around multi-fold, especially the more cooperatively we come to live. To be reminded of this opulence, all we need to do is look around for signs of life – flowers, trees, insects, birds, dogs, humanity… life in all forms. Have you noticed how a plant flowers by opening and offering its fruit to the world by literally hanging them out for the world for the taking? Fruiting so much overflow that if not picked and used, the food or medicine will literally rot and fall from the tree to make room for the new while offering nourishment to ground animals and insects. A complete cycle. This is a prime example of the bountiful nature of Earth, and it reminds us to trust in this most natural, healthy life flow.

Earth reflects lessons in harmony, processing, patience, evolution, duality and one of our most deeply rooted fears: change. Change is as natural as breathing. Change is inevitable and a constantly occurring contradiction to our desire for comfort and security. We may not always know exactly what is going to come up on our path, but we can know where we are going and trust our footing and settle into the comfort of this knowing. We can breathe with the Earth. “The Universe always has your back,” as Gabby Bernstein says. Accept that any small change that tends to make us feel uncomfortable is really just just a push of life happening in bigger cycles. No matter how much rain falls into the ocean on a single gray day, its tides and sun will still rise and fall around a cycle. Its horizon will always look steady no matter the condition of the seas for that day. Likewise, Earth’s seasons will always turn in divine order. When we can keep a heightened “hawk’s eye” perspective from the bigger picture, we can learn to welcome in and celebrate the changes that are necessary for our growth, instead of resist or block them.

Spring is a time of reawakening and renewal. We watch the process of things coming back to life, from bud to bloom, and can feel its vigor. This a good time to build strength, study, explore, set intentions, plant seeds, do deeper layers of work and get ready for what you want to come into form.

Summer inspires connection and play. Everything is abundant, alive, and ripe. It represents putting yourself and your ideas out there and connecting with others. Opportunity shines everywhere, struggles feel easier and the heat keeps energy burning and moving. Summer brings a light and creative energy, and is prime for adventure, manifesting, socializing, generating momentum and enjoying the fruits of your labor.

Fall encourages us to reap and enjoy our harvest, and find the freedom in letting go. It offers us an alternative perspective on richness, beauty, and abundance – one that is fading. It gives us the chance to witness the process of renewal, such as when leaves on trees begin to die and let out their last breaths of colorful glory. The tree does not grip or try to hold on, it simply allows what must to go, knowing it holds the intelligence and abilities to recreate future fauna when the time is right. Fall is great for releasing what no longer serves you, tying up loose ends, reflecting with gratitude on both achievements and losses, and to appreciate the joy of living each moment fully, for you know winter is coming.

Ahhh, winter. The dark, quiet, deep, introspective tones of winter. Some may consider this an uninspiring time, however, we “busy bodies” often forget how powerful a period of rest and incubation can be. Winter quiets us so that we can go inside, in hibernation, to process, heal and evolve. Just like the trees at this time, we are naked, raw and vulnerable. This is an ideal time to work on yourself or your relations or partnership, shed layers, rest, heal, feed the soul and serve others. Life comes more in doses. When we do play outside in winter, the crispness in the air jolts our bodies alive.

It there anything more freeing than sheer, unfiltered joy? It is said that the Earth is happiest while her beings are at play. Earth encourages us to get outside and get in it, dig our hands in the soil, and feel pure joy, delight and surrender. It is an invitation to be curious, go exploring, wonder and awe. Get some air, elevate your perspective, see new sights, or go sit or swim by any kind of water body. Observe the world at play, and throughout the day see how you can bring in a more playful approach. Play inspires production of serotonin and happy feelings flow.

“The goal of life is to make your heartbeat match the beat of the universe, to match your nature with Nature.” -Joseph Campbell