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Going In: Co-Creating a Greater World From Within

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“The alchemists spent years in their laboratories, observing the fire that purified the metals. They spent so much time close to the fire that gradually they gave up the vanities of the world. They discovered that the purification of the metals had led to a purification of themselves.” -Paulo Cohelo

Often a destructive force, fire offers intense transformation while cleansing areas where the new can grow. In alchemy, fire represents the process of of melting or breaking down to allow the core matter to take new shape. Here we get the ancient symbolism of the phoenix being reborn and rising from the ashes. It is often the fire in our lives that empowers action or revolutions – such as “lighting a fire under” something to create movement, or in witnessing the breakthroughs that can occur after destruction. Fire commands attention and respect, as it fuels and spreads, sometimes raging unpredictable in direction, or flashing fierce like a lightning bolt. Fire energy is also associated with nourishment, will power, drive, authority, leadership, courage, creativity, passion and sexuality.

Humankind has benefited greatly from harnessing and working with its energy, a relationship that shapes much of our modern world and industry. It has evolved us to cook foods, and develop metals and technology. It has also been a hub of social enlightenment, enabling community to be created from humans gathering around a fire to share stories and ceremonies.

Fire is an incredible energy to be around. This work is great to do around flames or fireplaces, or in the very least a candle, preferably with a non-toxic scent in a soy or vegetable wax. As you work through tough issues you can imagine throwing things onto the fire and watching them transform and rise up into smoke. Burning bundles of dried sage or herb or a palo santo stick has been used since ancient times to help clear and purify energy in the room, and to uplift or expel negativity. When burning these sacred herbs, you can waft the smoke around as you give thanks to everything that no longer serves your best interest, visualize these things turning to smoke and burning away, and then welcome in the new.