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Going In: Co-Creating a Greater World From Within

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Relations With Others

CoCre November 3, 2021
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Our family relations are sometimes some of the toughest to work through. This is where we see the greatest reflections of self, where we core practice our social skills, and where deep habits and dynamics are reaffirmed upon us frequently. Typically, family provides your first sense of unconditional love and shapes your first social expressions. The family dynamic, what you experienced and how you were treated growing up in your family sets a massive tone for your life moving forward. If certain family members go unchecked in their negative affiliations, the practice of unconditional love, and other understandings of the emotion, can get warped here.

-How is your relationship with your family? Describe the dynamic.
-Briefly profile the people closest to you in your family. Include what they mean to you, their personality, influence, their upsides and downfalls, and how you can see yourself in them.
-Are there issues you or your family are still healing from?
-Can you identify anything left to clear in the area of family that no longer serves your greatest purpose?

“The greatness of a man is not in how much wealth he acquires, but in his integrity and his ability to affect those around him positively.” -Bob Marley

Friends are who we allow in to see us through our phases, darks and lights, and ups and downs. Friends can be casual, or friends can be like family. Friendships can be made all throughout life. As you go through different phases you would ideally accumulate different friends reflective of where you are. You friendships are a reflection of where you are, as “your vibe attracts your tribe.” They create a baseline to all deeper relations, and cover fundamentals such as: How well do we get along? How well do we communicate and move through experiences together? How good are we towards each other? Friendships get tested. People grow – sometimes together, sometimes apart. Sometimes friends go through patches of not connecting, and some stay friends forever, while others might become lovers or life partners. The beauty in friendships are their purity of two people coming together because they feel a special connection between each other and wish to acknowledge and respect this.

-Do you feel you have a healthy friendship circle?
-Describe closest friend(s), who they are and what they mean to you.
-Are there any friends you lost touch with that you feel you should reconnect with?
-Do you have any resistances to making new friends? If so, where does this come from?

“The people you meet are either reflections of a repeated cycle or guides towards a new start. Notice the difference.” -Unknown

These are the people you might see occasionally, work with them or share experiences with them, but these people might not become incredibly deep or involved in your life. Everyone you encounter and keep around is for a reason – a stimulant, lesson, reflection or dose of something you feel you need. Be kind and be open to these connections. We all have something to give each other. Casual dating is typically about testing the waters and finding the person or qualities of the person who you might want to partner with, to make moves with. There is discovery and diversity; it is life giving you contrast so you can mold your ideal circumstances.

“If we fully understood the power of sexual energy we would refrain from casual sex. Sex is sacred and to be shared with authentic purity of both partners. Sexual energy is intense and can heal the universe through the vibration when two people join together and share their souls together. DNA is exchanged during sex. You imprint yourself on another. Mindful sex is important.” – Diane L

While raw and animalistic in nature, sexual intimacy is one of the most sacred forms of giving and receiving energy. It combines forces of the mind, body and spirit to deliver often out-of-this-world emotions and sensations, quite like nothing else. The act itself invites someone in beyond your typical boundaries, fusing you together as physically close as possible, sharing breath, cells and fluids, and taking on their energy throughout your entire body. As we recommend being conscious in your eating and nourishment habits, we bring up the same level of awareness into your sexual interactions. Practicing discernment around choosing your partner(s) can prove beneficial for your overall life game. Next to eating and sleeping, the act of sex is usually one of the easiest possible things we can do. So is being sexy. When we can relax as a society and stop marketing/consuming it like it is such a big deal, we can transcend into the more powerful vibrations of working with this powerful creative force.

As a society, we are slightly disconnected from the feeling of deeper connection. Often we are starved for it. We the people want to connect. We want to feel heard and adored. We have physical yearnings, yet we also have limited time and territory. Often out of curiosity, busy-ness, loneliness, or desperation, we sometimes sacrifice deeper connections for a more shallow level of play. With the ease of modern facilitators like dating apps, there is a trend to feel semi-satisfied from basic level-one connections.

Sex is a loaded issue, and we are all just exploring our own perceptions and expressions of our own ideas of sexuality – all the feelings, conditionings, curiosity and confusions. It is one that we each find our unique relationship with. Sex, the survival root of it, and the way it has been spun to sell to us, has gripped our society for so long. There could be a layers to work thought here. To get started…

-What are your feelings towards sex and the act of sex in general?
-Do you have any negative associations with sex or sexuality? If so, where do they trace back to?
-Are there ways you feel like you can be more free or explorative sexually?

“The greatest feat is always in your intimate relationship. This is why the path of intimacy is ten thousand times more powerful than the spiritual, than the path of isolation where you go meditate and pray.” -Toni Robbins

With partnership you mutually choose to take each other on a vaster journey, and unite to create a greater life together. The partnership would have joint visions and goals, bolstered by aligned integrity and interests. There would be a commitment to be there for each other through the deepest levels of life, unbounded by paperwork or modern agreements. This union should be treated as sacred and powerful; when two life-forces combine with the purest of intentions, it becomes a life pact, a devotion and dedication. Ventures, families, homes and other adventures can be powerfully co-created here. Partnerships display the deepest levels of communication, as compassion and acceptance are on a high, ego is aside and you are both working for the best interest of the joint force.