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Going In: Co-Creating a Greater World From Within

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“How do you find self-love? You dig. You isolate and you ache from being lonely. You heal. You accept, you look in the mirror and see god.” -Malanda Jean-Claude

You following through with the work of this course is a powerful act of self love and transformation. Every step of this journey has been a part of a quest to better yourself. Earlier, we explored the vital nature of self-care. Self-love dives deeper into your sense of self-worth.

Understand… you are really all you truly have in life. For the rest of your life, you will be your #1 provider, your main supporter and motivator, your best friend and your own greatest companion. The love you have for yourself should be in the most unconditional, compassionate and accepting form. Every behavior, dream, opportunity or relation begins with the amount of love you have for yourself.

“Pause and remember – No one is coming to rescue you from yourself; your inner demons, your lack of confidence, your dissatisfaction with yourself and life. Only self-love and good decisions will rescue you.” -Unknown

Even though some of us may have grown up thinking that loving ourselves is weird, or with a million reasons not to love ourselves. Some of us have a lifetime of resistance or excuses that continue to plague us, even if this work has helped with some awakenings or shifts. Commit to a boundary of self-love, and then use a “catch and release” plan where you are able to catch thoughts, feelings or situations that would violate your self-love principals, and release them out of your world. We encourage you to keep clearing through the residue!

For an injection of self-love, it is recommended you use the “catch and release” discipline, along with mantras, or repetitive intentions or declarations. Throughout your day, randomly affirm a self-empowering mantra such as:

-I am worthy of receiving the best that the world has to offer me.

-I am open, allowing, expressive.

-I open to all the goodness meant for me!

-I allow my beauty, light and truth to shine through me.

-I invite only kindness around me.

-I am free to be.