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Going In: Co-Creating a Greater World From Within

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“Healing yourself will ask more of you – more rest. More self love. More letting go. More time for learning. More space for transformation. More honesty about how you feel. More time developing good habits. More courage to try new practices. More time cultivating your inner peace. More faith in yourself and the process.”

-Yung Pueblo


The realities of the struggles of our previous and current generations have raised us to work hard most of our lives in order to see results, to continuously go-go-go, and that self-care is selfish. As top-serving systems and conditioning continue to be questioned more than ever, people are giving themselves permission to discover deeper parts of themselves, their passions and feelings of purpose. Give yourself permission to take the space you need – to invest the time, space, and energy – into your development. You are your greatest work. Honor it. Here are some tips to get the most out of this experience:

This work can create some serious momentum in your life! Flow through it. The first steps are often the most sluggish and filled with resistance. The groundwork, the digging in, the realizing of the work and evolutions amounting. Stick with it. You may be surprised how quickly years of toxic negative conditioning and patterns start melting away. On the same note, give respect to your healing process, especially when the work sheds layers. Give yourself the time and the safe space to process and feel this work. Work at your own pace, rest when needed, but keep moving through it. We encourage you to join and journey with friends, family, or likeminded members of the CoCre community.

Have fun on this journey! As long as you are in a safe space, heavy topics can be met with a smile. Transformations are liberating and exciting! Channeling a playful and innocent, youthful energy is life’s elixir and  and one of the highest grades of  fuels. Even when this work touches on some of the most sensitive and blocked-out areas of your life, greet them with an open, grateful, and excited-to-elevate-your-world energy so that the path and its lessons come more gently and clearly to you. You can handle this.

Invest your time and undivided dedication into this work. Try to do this work in peaceful, calm environments where you will not be interrupted. However you can, create and nourish a focused space for your investment to cultivate, and you will bloom a garden of valuable insights, opportunities, and natural skills. 

This work works if you work it. Do the work. Really go through the exercises, awakenings, and emotional or uncomfortable moments. Honor your feelings. Laugh, cry, blush, release, overcome, feel. Allow the shifts to happen. So much of this work is about feeling, thinking, reflecting, and connecting. You will get out what you put in. Follow through. Each step is equally important for you to process, and you may feel it in different layers. After completion, you can revisit the course for maintenance or as grounded support during crucial times of transformation.

Be gentle with yourself. During this work you might feel more introspective and vulnerable, which there is tremendous power in, in itself. When things expand and change for the greater evolution, sometimes there are growing pains. Ease your way through this work. We’ll work more on this topic when we get into healthy boundaries and self-nourishment later in the course. 

This work is for YOU,and you only, so let it flow without judgement or doubt. Be true to you. Give yourself some loving real-talk. Look in the mirror. Call out your own weights, insecurities, or excuses that may manifest as resistance, fears, and procrastinations. Give yourself full permission to immerse into this experience knowing you will come out a greater version.

Speaking of flow, when dealing with emotions and transformations, it is helpful to move your body and move energy through your body as often as possible. We recommend lots of stretching, deep breathing, and dancing around letting go to whatever music moves you.

So just how, what, and when?! Ahhhh, yes. Last but not least, the greatest force is in the trust of the Surrender. To trust and believe that the best options forward are always there for you. Simply let go into the awareness and insight to come, forget how, and you will see evidence of things getting better for you. Your power is in ebbing and flowing through life with with a playful, wondrous nature, backed by an unshakable knowing that when you align, all flows divine.

In this safe space to grow, Going In will help you feel this trust more soundly and profoundly.


Other helpful tips:

-Play outside your normal comfort zone. Play outside, in general. Fresh air does wonders, and a little sunlight too.

-While on this course, keep things flowing by drinking more water than you might normally would.

-Try to sit in the stillness of your mind, or in meditation, for least three minutes a day. Throughout this course we provide guided audios to help facilitate calm space.  

-As you work, try to integrate elements to improve your physical environmental ambiance that help “set the vibe” and make you feel relaxed, such as low or natural lighting, non-toxic candles, and soft instrumental music.

-Feel free to work with the resources mentioned here and provided at (