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Going In: Co-Creating a Greater World From Within

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Reprogramming Your Vocabulary

CoCre November 3, 2021
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To expedite this work, you can start catching your words and seeing if you can reach for more impactful statements. Vocabulary and perspective hold enormous energy – notice the difference:

“Do more than exist – live.
Do more than hear – listen.
Do more than grow – bloom.
Do more than spend – invest.
Do more than think – create.
Do more than decide – discern.
Do more than consider – commit.
Do more than dream – do.
Do more than see – perceive.
Do more than read – apply.
Do more than receive – reciprocate.
Do more than choose – focus.
Do more than wish – believe.
Do more than encourage – inspire.
Do more than reach – stretch.”
-John Mason


“Instead of good morning – grand rising.
Wake up – rise up.
Sleep – rest.
Friend – brother/sister.
Can’t – can.
Prayer – affirmations.
I’m dead – that’s funny.
God – divine creator/source.”
-Susi Ndugu


With that said, life-force does not understand the actual words, but rather responds to the vibration or feeling that they create. More-so than the words themselves, being aware that your emotional vibration is what the foundation of manifesting and law of attraction is all about.

We will delve more into these concepts throughout the course, but acknowledging this “everything is energy” core ethos now will tremendously help you here, and in life. You will see more truth in every happening and every being, including yourself, and will become more familiar with reading others and what influences energetic states. Through this, you can develop better emotional control and compassion, and learn to use the gift of your expressions as a powerful tool to progress you forward in any endeavor.