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Tips on Trust

CoCre November 3, 2021


Take the Path of Least Resistance 

Most of the world, as generators, are conditioned to keep our heads down in the strife chasing the cheese. Despite us being accustomed to “the struggle”, life can and should be far easier than we allow it to be. We think things should be much harder than they have to be, so that is what we receive. However, following the path that feels good, light and easy is the most divine guidance you can allow in. There is nothing wrong with things being easy! Let this sink in for a moment. As a society we are often told to work hard (instead of smart), that “life isn’t easy”, and to embrace the struggle or the hustle. This is sometimes one of the toughest points to get through to people, as they want to defend this pattern and the need for it.

We know that when you put in energy you receive it back, and that you must take action towards receiving the things you want, and that you can feed into the momentum by moving things along. We honor the work. Going with the flow, feeling out what is easy and taking the path of least resistance does not mean that you don’t have to put in the energy or work, or take action. It means that you first and most importantly must shift your attitude to expect things to be far easier, and expect things to work out for you. It means you must catch yourself in your doubts and flip them. It means that when you face a struggle you look for easier solutions, and when you have a goal or a task, you take inspired action, not forced action. Inspired action creates a flow of connections, opportunities, more ideal circumstances like you being at the right place at the right time.

When you apply the technique of a more smooth flow, where you focus on feeling good and feeling out the easiest solutions and path, you can cruise more effortlessly through life. If you feel struggle in where you are or what you are doing, you may be neck-deep in a situation that is not quite ideal, perhaps you have been in for a while, and so it feels more like a struggle to move around in it or pull yourself up out of it. When you are here, set your goals and intentions and use the path of least resistance to find your way out.

We are told our struggles build character and resilience, but so does breaking down the root reasons for your struggles, walking a path of truth, looking at your past conditioning in the face and healing through it. You are stronger than your struggles. Many times, the things we struggle towards we want because we hope to feel a certain way when we get there or receive them. When you combine the wisdom of trust, where you know things that are meant to be in your best interest will work out for you, you can relax into the flow of allowing what is yours to come to you. Wouldn’t you rather spend your time being happy, creating the life you desire, uplifting others, and making your challenges exciting?

Practice walking the path of least resistance and finding your footing on smooth stepping stones instead of the jagged ones of life. Become aware of the forks in the road of every moment, where you are given the option of the easy way or the more difficult way. Start choosing and celebrating the easy ways. Journal what happens as a result of the decision to go with the flow. If you choose the more difficult path, be sure to journal those results too.

The most important decision we make is whether we believe we live in a friendly or hostile universe.” -Albert Einstein

Follow the Signs

Signs are everywhere, and at every given moment you are being guided. Become a master of asking for and receiving life guidance. Sometimes we don’t want to see and follow the signs we are given, as they tend to lead us outside our comfort zone or beyond what we think is possible. We wonder why we hit blocks or struggles and feel failures and disappointments. Another thing with signs: asking for a sign is a sign. Usually you already know the answer or way. Try not to take too much action from an overly emotional state. From a calm mind, follow your impulses.

EXERCISE: Start a section of your journal labeled Signs, and lay out a few topics you are looking for signs around, such as life moves, career, relationships, etc. Start by asking one or two clear and specific questions about the topics you are seeking guidance for, and record what you begins to show up in your reality immediately and within 24-48 hours of your ask. Keep open to signs from nature, people, songs, objects, opportunities, and especially situations that arise that feel synergistic or coincidental. When you practice recording the signs and what follows, this makes ignoring them more difficult, and deepens your faith in this supportive guidance.

Find the Lesson

Life changes drastically when you stop asking “Why is this happening to me?” from a victim state, and ask “What is the lesson I need to learn from this?” from an open, empowered state. If you are not learning your lessons, they will repeat on you, and each time will grow a bit more difficult than the last. If the lesson repeats itself, it means that the action needed to graduate from it has not happening. This usually means additional introspection into your life patterns, rewiring your habits of reacting or thinking, and making moves that may feel uncomfortable at first. As discussed earlier, the reasoning of this is usually buried within a fear of change and a disconnection from root issues.

EXERCISE: Start a section of your journal labeled Lessons, and begin to record each tough situation that comes up in your life. Under each incident, list the lesson(s) you think you need to receive from the situation, and any resistance you feel to graduating from the lesson.